January 21, 2014

Typhoon Agaton in Gingoog City

Hi friends, Typhoon Agaton has fallen big amount of rain for the past few days here in our place. Yesterday in the afternoon, we saw that the road in our neighborhood has become like a stream. Water was flowing from an overflowing small lake near our house. 

My sister and I got outside to check how bad it was. This kind of thing rarely happened in our place. And I hope that it will stay to be a rare thing. I have only seen twice that our street was flooded. The first time was in 2009 and the second and hopefully the last would be yesterday. Yes, when Yolanda struck in some parts of my country, Gingoog City was barely affected. But Agaton is more of a treat to us.
Here is my sister wearing boots and holding an umbrella. She was supposed to be in Iligan right now, but it was dangerous to travel when there was a torrential rain. So I'm hoping that there are no classes in all levels in Iligan so that my sister wouldn't be marked absent.

Here is a girl who seemed like enjoying the rain and the flood it brought. Sister wanted us to be drenched by the rain but I opposed by it because it was too cold.

Nothing can stop this vehicle to go to its destination. I think one household was already evacuating.

Look at our neighbors who were smilingly talking over the rain. This shows how generally happy we are as Filipinos. They also checked the condition of the street.

My father also checked it out himself.

The saddest thing about this typhoon isn't about the hassle brought by the flood but the mortality of some individuals. Yes, some lives were lost because of the typhoon due to landslide and drowning. 

As I am writing this post, the rain has already stopped. And the water in our street has already gone. I hope that the typhoon is going farther away from our country. 

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