February 25, 2014

I will miss HIMYM

I'm on the last season of How I Met Your Mother. The long wait is almost over!! In season 9 (last season), Ted Mosby finally met the mother of his children!! This American tv series started when Ted left a video tape to his children telling them the story of how he met his wife. It took him 9 seasons to finally arrive to the point where the wife already existed in his story-telling! Sometimes I wished Ted could be straight to the point where he would directly start on the event where he already set his eyes for the first time to his destiny. But Ted wasn't like that! Ted was a drama king. In order for us to fully appreciate the moment he met his wife, we need to know the things that happened before that!

Ted told stories about the misadventures of his best friend, Barney. Ted shared about the awesome love story of his first-two best friends, Marshall and Lily. Ted confessed about how he was in love with his best friend, Robin, and how it wasn't meant to be. And Ted shared a lot of stuff. He loved stories and he wanted it to be in detailed.

Now that it is going to end, I will surely miss it. I will miss their humor, especially of Barney's. I will miss Ted's cheesiness. I will miss Marshall and Lily's loyalty to each other. I will miss Robin's gorgeousness. And above all, I will miss their one-of-a-kind friendship.

P.S. I can't remember what season the images above appeared. I just included it here because Marshall is showing his innocent humor. :p

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