February 08, 2014

Kpop Saturday #17: B1A4's Lonely

Current views on Youtube: 2.1 million

This is a freshly released music video just last month by the group that I first liked, B1A4! This is still the only mv saved in my folder that is produced this year. I like the song. I have felt its loneliness. I can relate with their loneliness. Being lonely could be a good thing but it is mostly a sad emotion. Sad that is how the music video is. They portrayed sadness so well that I have enjoyed it. ♥

I like the vocals especially with Sandeul's voice. My favorite part is when he sang, "every day, every say blah blah blah". It is very catchy that I usually sing along with that part. I also like the video. It is not totally unique but I find it beautiful and cool. I love the fact that the color white has become the "motif". Although there is a few exposure of the group's choreography, I got excited to watch their live performance when I saw this:

red neckties =)
Isn't it cute and creative upon using neckties as a prop? :) 

I looked at the English translation of the lyrics and it got me a little bit confused. There was this line that says, "I feel good by myself". I interpret as something that he is better off alone, so he is happy. But the rest of the lines of the song say the opposite. I can just assume that the, "I feel good by myself", is a sarcasm. Here is two of its many lonely lines:

It feels like no one is looking for me
It feels like your brightly shining heart is already closed (hey)

The image below reminds me of two things, F4 and Frozen. F4 because of their attire. Their clothes are like those of Jun Pyo's. They look so arrogant.hehe. The Disney film, Frozen, also reminds me of this because of the snow. Furthermore, looking at their sad disposition, they seem like going to sing Let It Go. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway..   

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