February 22, 2014

Kpop Saturday #19: BEAST's Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)

Date Released: April 2010
Current Views on Youtube: 3.6 million

There are only two colors that you would see in the entire music video--black and white. What does it mean when those two colors are used? For me, it signifies sadness and pain. Somehow, it really is, because the artists' facial expressions show unhappiness and pain.

I'd like to tell you again, that I don't understand most of the Korean songs that I've been listening to because I very much don't bother to look for its English translation. What is it for, if I already like them without knowing the meaning of the lyrics? Actually, I only learn the English translations because I'm making my Kpop Saturday posts! So I just went to Google and search its translation. I was surprised because the meaning of the song is beautiful, painfully beautiful.

"I couldn’t tell him that I still have sleepless nights because of you
Although I’d cheered my friend on and sent him off with a forced smile, oh girl!

Oh can’t you see I’m still loving you
My heart’s not yet ready to let you go"

Here's this guy who still loves his ex-girlfriend. (So yes, the title should have been Take Care of My Ex-Girlfriend.) He has a friend who likes his ex-girlfriend and wanted to court her. The friend asked his permission, asked if it was okay to court his former love. This guy said that it was okay and he didn't mind at all. But what he said is different from what he really feels. Deep inside he hopes that the girl would say no to his friend.

Now that I know the song's English translation, I like it even more. :P

Yoseob's part is my favorite! ( 0:53-1:05 )

♫ Oh can’t you see I’m still loving you
My heart’s not yet ready to let you go ♫

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