February 23, 2014

What's wrong, Etude House Philippines?

Hi Etude House Philippines, thank you for taking a moment to read this post. I have a concern. Don't worry though, it is not serious which the title might entail. So last January 2, 2014, I purchased stuff for the first time from one of your branches here in Mindanao. The cashier gave me a pink membership card. She told me to activate it by registering online on your site ( using the 12-digit number located at the back of the card. I've been visiting on your site to create an account but I can't do so because until now, my card is still invalid. I would like to ask why that is happening even after seven weeks since I received it? Do I have to wait for some more months?

In case you are curious, here are the following steps I made upon trying to create an account:

1.) Of course, I went to the site, Then I clicked the log in button.

2.) I have to validate my card first before I can get my user name and password. So I clicked the validate card button.

3.) Here you go! I'm done typing my card number.

4.) Before I could proceed to type my user name, the site processed my number first to make sure that it was valid! Unfortunately, it wasn't! I wonder if when will I be able to pass through this stage. :p

That's it. Just a little problem, you know. But I hope you could solve it in less than a week because it is a hassle to go to your site time and time again and that Invalid Card is what we'll only be reading. 

By the way, also on your site (, which you are showing all your branches in the entire Philippines, Centrio Mall CDO should be under Mindanao and not Luzon. That mistake can misinform your costumers. Thank you. :)

UPDATE!!! (August 11, 2014)

I went to their store last week to buy a bb cream. Since I was already there, I took the opportunity to ask about my invalid card. The cashier said that I should have registered it not more than 10 days from the time I received it. Unfortunately, that was not the instruction I heard before. It was actually the opposite one. I was told to register it only after two weeks, sort of like that. So yeah, I can't validate it anymore. Goodbye useless card. :))


Pauline Reyes said...

Thanks for posting this. Did Etude House send you a response about your concern?
~Pauline @Kallony

jill-yan said...

EHP didn't response. I still can't activate my account. :(

Anonymous said...

Include the letter "C" which prefixed the zeroes. :). You should be able to register it right away. Just had mine today and all good. :)

Emmelyn said...

I was able to activate my card but I haven't received any cofirmation or password. Is there anyone who also experienced this?

Anonymous said...

They reply to the messages on their Facebook page. Although it takes some time (lol, maybe a lot of us are experiencing this) But hopefully they'll help you

Char said...

Hi. How do you exactly get the membership card? I bought 1000 plus worth of products today but the cashier did not offer me any card, thankyou!

Emmelyn said...

I asked for the required minimum purchased which is only 500php and the SA gave it to me after filling out some info on their log book.

yani mae anino said...

validate your card with in 2 weeks


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