March 24, 2014

okc for the 2014 win

One of the lessons in life that can be learned when watching basketball is this: There is no such thing as "too late" to be able to change a losing battle. Last Saturday, I witnessed one of OKC's most amazing win in NBA regular season because they became victorious even with a few time left to outnumber the oppoent's score. With only 49 seconds left during the double overtime, Toronto Raptors led by 8 points. Who would have thought that Oklahoma City Thunders could still overcome that? The game was held in Toronto, and the audience was already cheering in advance for an obvious victory. But indeed, there is no such thing as too late, as long as the buzzer doesn't sound to indicate the end of the game, you can still do something to invert a story that will be in favor to you.

what a very beautiful image. It's just so clear. :p
A lot of things happened within that 49 seconds. When the time was over, OKC already led by 1 point, which meant that they won that particular game. I couldn't remember everything that happened within that short duration of time even though that I watched the game twice that day. There were two things that I could recall, Fisher and Durant made a 3-point shot.

If you ask me right now if what team will be the champion this season, I couldn't tell. It could be Pacers or Spurs or maybe Heat again. But I hope that it would be Thunders. It would be alright if OKC will not be the number 1 team this season because they have already proven to me that they are the greatest team in NBA right now especially that period when their 2nd best player was injured and wasn't allowed to play. They are a strong and passionate team and I believe that there will be at least one season that they will become a champion. How cool it must be if that will happen this year. ^_^

March 20, 2014

House Bill 3839: Seeks to ban Koreanovelas on Primetime

A representative of a certain partylist passed a bill to the congress aiming to stop airing Koreanovelas and other foreign shows in Philippine TV networks during primetime. When we say primetime, it runs from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, a period when more people are likely to sit in front of their tv's and watch. One of the reasons why the representative is pushing the bill is to provide more work to our fellow Pinoys. The less foreign shows are to be aired on tv, the need is greater to create Pinoy teleseryes. The author of the bill is quite confident that it will become a law due to the support of other lawmakers who also are actors and actresses in the country.

What do you think about this bill?

For me, it is nonsense! Nonsense in a way that this bill will not actually benefit Filipinos! Yes, it may create jobs but to how many people, 200? Will it even approach to a thousand? What is very annoying about this one, is that Koreanovelas don't even invade primetime these days. ABS-CBN's primetime shows this month don't even include a foreign teleserye! Annaliza, Dyesebel, Ikaw Lamang and The Legal Wife are ABS-CBN's line-up in primetime which are all Pinoy! Looking at another big tv network, GMA, their shows during 6-10pm on weekdays are also Pinoy-made, they are Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw, Kambal Sirena, Carmela: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Mundong Ibabaw and Rodora-X

If you write a bill, make sure that there is an alarming PROBLEM! If you write a bill, make sure that you are knowledgeable enough on the subject. In this case (bill), make sure that you are watching Pinoy tv channels during primetime so that you may realize that networks don't even broadcast foreign teleseryes. If large tv companies include Koreanovelas nowadays in PT, they even limit it to only one! Indeed, a problem does not exist. Thus, why bother the congress with this mediocre bill?


If the representative who filed this bill is serious and is really concern about providing work to Pinoys and helping them showcase their respective talents, he should have sought a TOTAL ban of foreign shows to all Pinoy tv networks. :) In that way, I could have understood him . :)  

March 14, 2014

wrong grammar

Language is a crazy thing. Each one has its own rules. You have to follow them in order to look smart to everybody. I sometimes read my previous posts here and more often than not, I find wrong grammars and incorrect usage of words or phrases. I don't know but when I wrote those stuff, they seemed right to me. When I reread them, they were embarrassingly wrong!

I am no good in grammar or in the English language as a whole. I still make mistakes even if I have already read  a hella lot of English sentences. The worse thing about this is that I make some mistakes without even knowing that I committed them!

I wish there is someone who could proofread what I write. :p

March 05, 2014

I am prepared and excited to traverse the main roads of my city. I know that it would be exhausting. But I'm pretty sure that it would be fun. This is my opportunity to explore more of this place and see its deeper beauty. I still haven't been to some parts of this city and the job that I'd be doing tomorrow would be a good chance  for me to  see the splendor that I am yet to find out!!!

What I like about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to have an active life. I am a sedentary person, which means that I stay a lot at home and most of the things that I do is just becoming a potato, a couch potato. Thanks to this job, for it is going to make me fit!! 

Tomorrow, we have to survey (sort of like that) at least 5-km road distance. This would be my first time to be doing this and I'm just so thrilled!


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