March 20, 2014

House Bill 3839: Seeks to ban Koreanovelas on Primetime

A representative of a certain partylist passed a bill to the congress aiming to stop airing Koreanovelas and other foreign shows in Philippine TV networks during primetime. When we say primetime, it runs from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, a period when more people are likely to sit in front of their tv's and watch. One of the reasons why the representative is pushing the bill is to provide more work to our fellow Pinoys. The less foreign shows are to be aired on tv, the need is greater to create Pinoy teleseryes. The author of the bill is quite confident that it will become a law due to the support of other lawmakers who also are actors and actresses in the country.

What do you think about this bill?

For me, it is nonsense! Nonsense in a way that this bill will not actually benefit Filipinos! Yes, it may create jobs but to how many people, 200? Will it even approach to a thousand? What is very annoying about this one, is that Koreanovelas don't even invade primetime these days. ABS-CBN's primetime shows this month don't even include a foreign teleserye! Annaliza, Dyesebel, Ikaw Lamang and The Legal Wife are ABS-CBN's line-up in primetime which are all Pinoy! Looking at another big tv network, GMA, their shows during 6-10pm on weekdays are also Pinoy-made, they are Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw, Kambal Sirena, Carmela: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Mundong Ibabaw and Rodora-X

If you write a bill, make sure that there is an alarming PROBLEM! If you write a bill, make sure that you are knowledgeable enough on the subject. In this case (bill), make sure that you are watching Pinoy tv channels during primetime so that you may realize that networks don't even broadcast foreign teleseryes. If large tv companies include Koreanovelas nowadays in PT, they even limit it to only one! Indeed, a problem does not exist. Thus, why bother the congress with this mediocre bill?


If the representative who filed this bill is serious and is really concern about providing work to Pinoys and helping them showcase their respective talents, he should have sought a TOTAL ban of foreign shows to all Pinoy tv networks. :) In that way, I could have understood him . :)  

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Diane Writes said...

WTH! I agree and laughed with what you said

"If you write a bill, make sure that there is an alarming PROBLEM!"

Konting isip isip lang po dear congressman ;)


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