March 05, 2014

I am prepared and excited to traverse the main roads of my city. I know that it would be exhausting. But I'm pretty sure that it would be fun. This is my opportunity to explore more of this place and see its deeper beauty. I still haven't been to some parts of this city and the job that I'd be doing tomorrow would be a good chance  for me to  see the splendor that I am yet to find out!!!

What I like about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to have an active life. I am a sedentary person, which means that I stay a lot at home and most of the things that I do is just becoming a potato, a couch potato. Thanks to this job, for it is going to make me fit!! 

Tomorrow, we have to survey (sort of like that) at least 5-km road distance. This would be my first time to be doing this and I'm just so thrilled!

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