March 24, 2014

okc for the 2014 win

One of the lessons in life that can be learned when watching basketball is this: There is no such thing as "too late" to be able to change a losing battle. Last Saturday, I witnessed one of OKC's most amazing win in NBA regular season because they became victorious even with a few time left to outnumber the oppoent's score. With only 49 seconds left during the double overtime, Toronto Raptors led by 8 points. Who would have thought that Oklahoma City Thunders could still overcome that? The game was held in Toronto, and the audience was already cheering in advance for an obvious victory. But indeed, there is no such thing as too late, as long as the buzzer doesn't sound to indicate the end of the game, you can still do something to invert a story that will be in favor to you.

what a very beautiful image. It's just so clear. :p
A lot of things happened within that 49 seconds. When the time was over, OKC already led by 1 point, which meant that they won that particular game. I couldn't remember everything that happened within that short duration of time even though that I watched the game twice that day. There were two things that I could recall, Fisher and Durant made a 3-point shot.

If you ask me right now if what team will be the champion this season, I couldn't tell. It could be Pacers or Spurs or maybe Heat again. But I hope that it would be Thunders. It would be alright if OKC will not be the number 1 team this season because they have already proven to me that they are the greatest team in NBA right now especially that period when their 2nd best player was injured and wasn't allowed to play. They are a strong and passionate team and I believe that there will be at least one season that they will become a champion. How cool it must be if that will happen this year. ^_^

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