April 23, 2014


Ate Anne invited me to play badminton together with Rey and our three bosses. When she first invited me, I declined, for the second time, I went. I felt excited because after my elementary school days, I would be able to play the sport again! I was filled with nervousness though, for I might be playing like a mess! It was my first time to step on the covered court we went to. I actually didn't know that there was a building like that near our Catholic church. Anyways, I thought I wouldn't be able to play that night. I was very hesitant to stand up from the bench and step in the court because once again, I might be playing like a mess!

Time ticked and I was the only one left not being able to play. Good thing our Sir DE insisted that I play even with just a single set. He asked a pro badminton player guy to be my partner to play against Ate Anne and Rey. I told kuya who I didn't know the name to be patient with me. I already have lowered his expectation, if there was an expectation in the first place. The first time I tried to hit the shuttlecock, I missed! It was like my rocket had no net!haha! Later on, I got the hang of it and was able to go with the flow of the game. At the end, we won! Of course, it was not because me, but because my partner was good. But I think I was able to contribute something to that win.hehe!

It was so much fun!!! I wanted to buy a rocket already. Our Sir DE said that we should do it thrice a week! I am just so excited!hehe. Playing a sport is quite addicting, you know. :) I am thankful to God that we have a Sir DE who doesn't act like a boss in the office, but a true leader. And when it's outside the office, he is just like a father! :D I am also very thankful to Ate Anne who acts like an older sister! And to Rey who serves like both a younger and older brother. It is like a family. :)

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