April 11, 2014

Things I look forward to

1. Candy Crush

             I stopped playing the game months ago when I was stuck at level 181. I was pissed off because I couldn't pass through it with several tries. I just started playing it again because I was being challenged. Right now, I am at level 191. I think that I'm going to stay at this level for a while because there are these three bombs which are difficult to eliminate! Regardless, this game has made my life more exciting! Haha! It has given me a reason to have something to look forward to. :p

2. Running Man

             I love Running Man to bits! I haven't encountered a tv show that has let me laugh so loud as Running Man does! I wouldn't be tired of watching this show, given that the cast is intact and the challenges are always exciting.

3. Home
            Going home from work is something I look forward to every working days!   Home is where I find the most caring person in my life. Yes, that's my mother. Home is where I take away my stress. Home is where my comfort zone is. Those are three good reasons why I love home. ^_^

4. Salary
              It is also known as money. I love money. 'Nuff said. :)

5. New Places
               It is a blessing for me to be able to go to places I have never been to, especially those beautiful ones. My work has given me the opportunity to explore my province. The image below shows the island of Camiguin. There is this place in Sugbongcogon where you can overlook several places like Camiguin. :)


Diane Writes said...

New blog layout! :) I like it!!

I used to be addicted to Candy Crush. Eventually... nagsawa na din haha

Haven't heard of that drama series. Oh wait, is that a drama series? Although I'm quite reluctant with series whose characters are way way younger than my age hahaha I recently finished The Heirs. It's great minus the fact that I feel so old after watching it.

jill-yan said...

Thank you Miss Diane for appreciating my blog layout but I have to say that yours is way more beautiful than mine. :)

Playing Candy crush is both fulfilling and annoying. :)) I'm still at level 191. :(

Running Man is not a drama series. It is a reality show, it is like Amazing Race. :)


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