May 03, 2014

badminton just got serious

I ordered a badminton racket on last week and after 7 days, it finally arrived!! I know that I will be playing badminton with my office mates at least once a week so I decided to purchase a racket. I chose a not-so-expensive one, worth Php700 (15.7USD), since I have no money for more expensive rackets. And besides, I'm still a beginner of this sport so I still don't have the right to make a fuss of buying a better one. When it was delivered last Wednesday, I decided to baptize it that night. I headed to the gym and played with my office mates. It was  fun although very exhausting. The next day, I had 'pamaol' (body pain).

My China made badminton racket. :p
As far as I know, it should be graphite. Isn't it? Geez, how could they overlook that??

Stupid selfie with the racket
I have also downloaded videos from Youtube about how to properly play the game, like the footwork and the proper grip of the racket!! haha. Yeah, badminton has just gotten serious in my life. :p

Let's play! See you at the gym! hehe

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