September 08, 2014

In A Relationship

It has been two months and 9 days. I actually never expected to be in a relationship this year. I never expected that I am capable of being sweet, romantically loving and open until he came. It has just been two months and my life has become happier because I receive the kind of love that I've always wanted to feel from a guy. That kind of love that runs after you. That kind of love that looks you in the eye like you are the most amazing living thing he has ever seen.

The courtship only lasted for one month. I wanted to make it longer because society said it so that it is good to make the guy wait longer, because it is one of the best measures of his true intention. But for me, it is more important how long you've been together than how long you made him wait. As long as your mind and heart have both agreed that this person might be the one, why not take a good risk of letting him become a big part of your life?

I know that I love him because the past hurts didn't matter anymore. I know that I love him because I imagine my future with him. I know that I love him because I always want us to be together, as much as possible 24/7.

I love him and I thank God that he finally came in my life.


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

ayiieee. congratulations on the new love life :) nurture it para tumagal. <3 best wishes.

Kevin Collins said...

Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
Can I contact your through your email?

Please email me back.



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