December 18, 2015


I searched in the Internet the English term of the skin disease I have experienced for several times already. Within the span of one year, I've gone to five "bukols", 2 on my armpit, 1 on my nape, 1 on my eyebrow and 1 on my groin. One thing I observed, that it grows on the hairy parts of my body. I had been to two doctors about this case and I don't know why they can't give me the term. Maybe for them it's trivial and they just go down to giving me the prescribed drugs. Anyway, as I went to the net, I googled the term skin disease. There I found different kinds of skin diseases. But the one that is closest to my condition is folliculitis. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that causes red, swollen bumps that look like pimples.* As I researched more about it, I came across with carbuncle, which is one of the types of folliculitis that best describes my skin problem.
from WebMD website

I don't think I have diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease. But I'm not sure of the other two. :(

I forgot to take note where this site comes from.hehe

I spent two days of my sick leave because of my carbuncle on my groin. I can't believe that 3 of my sick leaves this year are caused by carbuncles. You know, it actually looks so small, as if it hurts a little, but that's not the case, it hurts a lot escpecially when I keep moving. Three more days to go and it's going to be my birthday. My wish would be my health, that I wish I won't be experiencing any illness in the future, be it a carbuncle or colds or cough or anything. It's just hard to enjoy life and work hard when you've got health problems. So you guys who are healthy, you have no right to complain about life because you are so much blessed. A lot of people out there whose only wish is to be healthy, yet you already have it, that's a big thing to be thankful for.

November 30, 2015

A Trevoca a Day, Keeps the Bukol Away??

It's already almost two months since I started religiously taking Trevoca everyday. Trevoca is a multivitamin that the doctor prescribed me to take when I asked him how will I be able to prevent any "bukol" to protrude from my body. Since I started taking it, there is no "bukol" trying to erupt from my skin already. I just hope and pray that this is the end of my "bukol" problems because having it is extra painful, hassle and expensive.

October 25, 2015

My First Bookshelf

Christmas is near because this month already ends with 'ber'. When this season comes, we are able to share our blessings by giving gifts to other people. We also get an excuse to buy ourselves more expensive stuff than usual.hehe. Last Christmas, I bought myself a bookshelf. My books before were sad because they were just put in boxes. Now, they have a wonderful home. I'm looking forward for the time that this bookshelf wouldn't be enough anymore and I will buy another one. Maybe I'll get something bigger and more durable.

I love books and I always wanted my books to be displayed instead of being hidden. It would just be nice looking at my room filled with books. If I will build my own house in the future, I wouldn't miss the inclusion of a (mini) library. :D 

August 30, 2015

The Voice Kids Season 2: I voted for Elha

I voted for Elha because last night was her night. No denying, she had the best performance last night. She is sooo good that I am very proud to have supported her from the very beginning. She sang 'Narito Ako' with Jed Madela and according to Sarah, she did it like a professional singer. In their solo performances, she had to sing Mariah Carey's Emotions and wow! she gave more than just justice to the song. She did it great like how the original singer would have performed it. Mariah Carey would be proud when she sees it.

But I have no high hopes that she'd be the one to be declared as champion. Because base from the votes last week, people were rooting for Reynan. More often than not, the result last week is going to be the same this Grand Finals round. And also, history has it that no participant yet that I have supported became champion. They were always second, like Klarisse and Darren. And I have this bad prediction that that is going to happen today. Well, whatever happens, I did my part. I texted to vote for Elha.

I even used my mother's cellphone to vote because there's something wrong with my postpaid SIM. I can't vote with my number so I made a way to let my voice be heard. My mother's phone had no load so I shared a load for only Php2. Right after Luis Manzano announced that voting was officially opened, I directly sent my vote.hehe.

The four finalists are all great. They deserve to reach this far, but there is really something about Elha that stands out to me. :)

July 19, 2015

Gingoog City | Guadjus Eco Farm

Someone is trying to be a model here.
A Chinese businesswoman once told my father that what she didn't like about Gingoog City was its lack of places to go to when you have to spend your leisure time contentedly. Sadly, that is actually true. It is even a problem when there are relatives coming from other provinces visiting us here because there are just few places to show to them or to make them feel relaxed.

Recently, I discovered a new place in the city worth visiting to, especially when you want some time with nature, to take a plunge in a swimming pool or to have a quality time with family and friends. A nephew of mine celebrated his third (3rd) birthday and we were invited to go to Guadjus Eco Farm. I don't know when this eco farm started to open, but I guess it  is here for several years already. I just haven't explored this city well enough.

It has an affordable entrance fee of Php 25.00. 

It has swimming pools both for kids and adults. But kids will definitely have more fun. They provide rental for inflatable swimming tubes and swim suits only for women, though. 

What is the essence of eco farm without plants, right? Here's my boyfriend coming out from the bamboo tree.hehe

There are so many different kinds of flowers being planted there. Here are two examples of beautiful and weird ones. I'm not knowledgeable about flowers, so I don't know their names are. 

Don't bother acting like a kid sometime. It's not a sin anyway.
The mighty carabao is also here. Very Pinoy, right? :))
Oh how much I loved swings when I was a kid! :D

Guadjus Eco Farm is located at Pedlagahan, Brgy. Santiago, Gingoog City. It is 3.36 kilometers from the National Highway (Butuan-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Road).

July 04, 2015

Our First Anniversary

"I made so many decisions in my life based from the advises of other people because I was afraid that I may not choose the right one. But this one's I made on my own. Because love can never be influenced by external forces. Because love only comes from the heart."

July 1 is our anniversary. It's our first year so I wanted it to be memorable. Well, I want our anniversaries to be always memorable. I told him that we'd buy a couple sweater. I didn't like a couple shirt with a statement because it's too mainstream. I then suggested to him that we'd go for a pictorial in a studio. At first, he didn't agree with me because he said that a smart phone's camera would suffice. But I insisted that it would be better in a studio. He eventually agreed to my idea. And now, he is very happy we made such decision.

June 17, 2015

Casio Wristwatch

After 10 years, I got myself a new watch. I realized how much I need it. And I finally found time and got money to buy one.
I bought it from Lazada, an online shop. I just have no time to go to a mall because from where I'm living now, I have to travel for about one hour and a half to get to a mall. Yes, my city has yet to have SM or Ayala or Robinsons mall. Anyway, it is a great convenience when buying online. You only have to sit in front of a computer and just click and type and click. Only, I have to wait for a week for me to get hold of what I bought. Lazada teaches you the virtue of patience especially if you are located somewhere in Mindanao. :))

It was in college when I lost my gold-plated watch which I was using for 5 years already. I was ultimately frustrated as I later realized that I will never find it again. My mother gave it to me as a present when I graduated in elementary. I was ultimately delighted as I received it, for I was longing to have one for a long time. Oh well, why am I sharing it again? I already wrote about it here.hehe

I trust a Casio brand. So I guess this will last for years. :))


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