July 19, 2015

Gingoog City | Guadjus Eco Farm

Someone is trying to be a model here.
A Chinese businesswoman once told my father that what she didn't like about Gingoog City was its lack of places to go to when you have to spend your leisure time contentedly. Sadly, that is actually true. It is even a problem when there are relatives coming from other provinces visiting us here because there are just few places to show to them or to make them feel relaxed.

Recently, I discovered a new place in the city worth visiting to, especially when you want some time with nature, to take a plunge in a swimming pool or to have a quality time with family and friends. A nephew of mine celebrated his third (3rd) birthday and we were invited to go to Guadjus Eco Farm. I don't know when this eco farm started to open, but I guess it  is here for several years already. I just haven't explored this city well enough.

It has an affordable entrance fee of Php 25.00. 

It has swimming pools both for kids and adults. But kids will definitely have more fun. They provide rental for inflatable swimming tubes and swim suits only for women, though. 

What is the essence of eco farm without plants, right? Here's my boyfriend coming out from the bamboo tree.hehe

There are so many different kinds of flowers being planted there. Here are two examples of beautiful and weird ones. I'm not knowledgeable about flowers, so I don't know their names are. 

Don't bother acting like a kid sometime. It's not a sin anyway.
The mighty carabao is also here. Very Pinoy, right? :))
Oh how much I loved swings when I was a kid! :D

Guadjus Eco Farm is located at Pedlagahan, Brgy. Santiago, Gingoog City. It is 3.36 kilometers from the National Highway (Butuan-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Road).

July 04, 2015

Our First Anniversary

"I made so many decisions in my life based from the advises of other people because I was afraid that I may not choose the right one. But this one's I made on my own. Because love can never be influenced by external forces. Because love only comes from the heart."

July 1 is our anniversary. It's our first year so I wanted it to be memorable. Well, I want our anniversaries to be always memorable. I told him that we'd buy a couple sweater. I didn't like a couple shirt with a statement because it's too mainstream. I then suggested to him that we'd go for a pictorial in a studio. At first, he didn't agree with me because he said that a smart phone's camera would suffice. But I insisted that it would be better in a studio. He eventually agreed to my idea. And now, he is very happy we made such decision.


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