July 04, 2015

Our First Anniversary

"I made so many decisions in my life based from the advises of other people because I was afraid that I may not choose the right one. But this one's I made on my own. Because love can never be influenced by external forces. Because love only comes from the heart."

July 1 is our anniversary. It's our first year so I wanted it to be memorable. Well, I want our anniversaries to be always memorable. I told him that we'd buy a couple sweater. I didn't like a couple shirt with a statement because it's too mainstream. I then suggested to him that we'd go for a pictorial in a studio. At first, he didn't agree with me because he said that a smart phone's camera would suffice. But I insisted that it would be better in a studio. He eventually agreed to my idea. And now, he is very happy we made such decision.

Four days before our anniversary, we went to the most known art studio in our city. We told them that we wanted a framed picture, an electronic file of the pictures and several hard copies. They charged us with Php 1,000.00. I actually found it expensive and I was afraid that the quality may not pay the price. The lady told us that we'd get the copy not on the day of our anniversary, but on July 4, this day. We then just ask if we could get an electronic copies of our unedited pictures first. Good thing, we were able to claim it on the day of our anniversary. I am just so happy and contented of the pictures. I posted it on instagram and facebook. I am so happy and contented with my relationship that I just have to tell the world about it through social media.

We had a brief practice of what pose to execute. Yet, when we were already on the spotlight, we were too shy to do the poses. The photographer ended up telling us what to do. She is so accomodating and friendly. She even asked us if this was for our prenup. hahaha! Perhaps couples these days are doing these stuff when they are going to get married. I had fun doing it although a little bit shy of few people watching us. For sure, we will be doing this again next year.

On the day of our anniversary, he gave me flowers in the morning. We ate our dinner in a restaurant (Eastland Restaurant) with my parents and younger sister. My mother was so cool greeting us with, "Happy anniversary!".

Having a romantic relationship is a whole new experience. There are many things that I learned and yet to be learned. There are sad moments but the happy ones are greater than the previous, so it's so worth it. He is my first romance. I thank God He has given me a wonderful and amazing boyfriend.

Photography: Digital Magnet Photography (Ramasola Art Studio)
                     752 Aquino-Tuto St., Gingoog City
Couple Sweater: Blued


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jell! May your relationship keep going stronger, happier and more romantic! hehe.. Ayaw ko kalimti i-invite sa wedding ha :) - Rona

jill-yan said...

thank you ron. :) pohon, dili jud ka nako malimtan ug invite. :)


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