August 30, 2015

The Voice Kids Season 2: I voted for Elha

I voted for Elha because last night was her night. No denying, she had the best performance last night. She is sooo good that I am very proud to have supported her from the very beginning. She sang 'Narito Ako' with Jed Madela and according to Sarah, she did it like a professional singer. In their solo performances, she had to sing Mariah Carey's Emotions and wow! she gave more than just justice to the song. She did it great like how the original singer would have performed it. Mariah Carey would be proud when she sees it.

But I have no high hopes that she'd be the one to be declared as champion. Because base from the votes last week, people were rooting for Reynan. More often than not, the result last week is going to be the same this Grand Finals round. And also, history has it that no participant yet that I have supported became champion. They were always second, like Klarisse and Darren. And I have this bad prediction that that is going to happen today. Well, whatever happens, I did my part. I texted to vote for Elha.

I even used my mother's cellphone to vote because there's something wrong with my postpaid SIM. I can't vote with my number so I made a way to let my voice be heard. My mother's phone had no load so I shared a load for only Php2. Right after Luis Manzano announced that voting was officially opened, I directly sent my vote.hehe.

The four finalists are all great. They deserve to reach this far, but there is really something about Elha that stands out to me. :)


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