November 30, 2015

A Trevoca a Day, Keeps the Bukol Away??

It's already almost two months since I started religiously taking Trevoca everyday. Trevoca is a multivitamin that the doctor prescribed me to take when I asked him how will I be able to prevent any "bukol" to protrude from my body. Since I started taking it, there is no "bukol" trying to erupt from my skin already. I just hope and pray that this is the end of my "bukol" problems because having it is extra painful, hassle and expensive.

My first ever bukol appeared on my armpit, December last year. I didn't know what caused its existence. It just appeared out of nowhere. It was too painful especially when it became very large. It was too hard to move. I had minimal movements with my right arm in order to minimize the pain. I had to go to the doctor because after several days, it still didn't heal. The doctor had to open my (by cutting) skin in order to release the bacteria that caused its inflammation. He gave me a strong antibiotic that I should take thrice a day for two weeks. He told me to come back after two weeks. I didn't come back and I didn't follow the order of taking the antibiotic for two weeks. When I saw that the wound already healed and there was no inflammation, I stopped taking the medicine. I was thinking that I have totally healed.

 But then the bukol appeared again in February this year, at the lower part of my head, at the back of my neck. I felt the same agony, it was hard to move because it brought pain. That time I already regretted of not having followed the doctor's order. Afterall, we should have a little faith with doctors. What's the use of consulting if we're not going to respect what they say, right? I bought the same antibiotic I took previously. I took it thrice a day for two weeks. I got healed and I was very happy. I just don't like the fact that I have already taken so many antibiotics in my entire life because according to reliable sources, that medicine has side effects.

 I was too much dismayed when it appeared again, last August, on my eyebrow. I used my very first sick leave to go to the doctor. It was always coming back and I have to ask the doctor about it. Again, he prescribed me an antibiotic that I have to take for two weeks. I asked him how to prevent it and he gave me the vitamin. Unfortunately that time, Mercury Drug sold all their Trevoca and has nothing left for me. Along with the healing of my bukol, I didn't mind buying the vitamin. I was healed and I didn't take the vitamin.

Still, the "bukol" came back last October. I directly bought antibiotics and Trevoca at Mercury Drug. My bukol healed and I am still using Trevoca today. Because of the bukol, I'm already afraid of missing taking the vitamin.

Today, I went to Mercury to buy my vitamins. Sad to say, it is already sold out. Hmmm..  This vitamin must have many users. I went to Rose Pharmacy and thankfully, they still have a stock. I was just so surprise how much expensive their price was than their rival store! They sell it for Php35.75 while Mercury Drug only sells it for around Php25. I soo wanted not to buy but I have to because I need Trevoca.

I need Trevoca because I easily get stressed and I still consume less food, thus, less nutrients. I am just thankful that there is a thing out there that completes what's lacking in me and counteracts a bad negative body reaction. 


Update (December 18, 2015):
Unfortunately, even after my daily intake of Trevoca, I haven't able to resist my skin problem. It came back again to me. Don't you worry guys, I'm on the healing process. I just wish and pray that it would really stop coming back. By the way, infairness to Trevoca, I haven't got colds or cough ever since I am taking it. :) 

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