January 23, 2016

Before Wearing Braces

Ever since college, I already wanted to wear braces. Why? It was because of the gap or space on my front teeth. It was not a long gap, but a gap that would bother me much. I got silently pissed to myself whenever I saw my image in a picture, a smile showing the gap of my front teeth which left a dark line in it. Or even looking on the mirror, I would sometimes give myself a big smile that supposedly would make me happy but would end up giving me a little frustation of my many imperfections.

I wanted braces back then to put my teeth into the right places, but having it was very expensive. As a student who only depended from other people for finances, I surely couldn't afford for braces. I had this roommate who used to wear one and I asked her how much she paid for it. She said Php50,000. And I was like, "That expensive??!!". She then responded that she paid for it for three years, like an installment with downpayment. Still, I found it extravagant. My mother will surely not pay for such a luxury. Well, that was the first time that I got knowledge of the cost of wearing braces.


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