January 23, 2016

Before Wearing Braces

Ever since college, I already wanted to wear braces. Why? It was because of the gap or space on my front teeth. It was not a long gap, but a gap that would bother me much. I got silently pissed to myself whenever I saw my image in a picture, a smile showing the gap of my front teeth which left a dark line in it. Or even looking on the mirror, I would sometimes give myself a big smile that supposedly would make me happy but would end up giving me a little frustation of my many imperfections.

I wanted braces back then to put my teeth into the right places, but having it was very expensive. As a student who only depended from other people for finances, I surely couldn't afford for braces. I had this roommate who used to wear one and I asked her how much she paid for it. She said Php50,000. And I was like, "That expensive??!!". She then responded that she paid for it for three years, like an installment with downpayment. Still, I found it extravagant. My mother will surely not pay for such a luxury. Well, that was the first time that I got knowledge of the cost of wearing braces.

I even went to the Internet to find out if there was a dentist who could offer cheaper braces installment and ajustment. I did see one, the downpayment was only Php5,000 and Php1,000 every adjustment session. I found it cheap but I still couldn't pay for it. Yeah, I was that pathetic and poor.
I graduated college having the gap on my teeth. I started working having the gap on my teeth. But how did I get the gap on my teeth? Here is the silly story...

When I was in highschool, I had this close friend who had the habit of biting the head of his ballpen. Eventually during our fourth year, I gradually imitated his habit. Until I already did it during listening in the class and taking exams. During that time, my front teeth was already separating, showing signs of a future gap. But that time, I wasn't alarmed by that outcome. I mean, I didn't imagine it to happen. Then I went to college where I took an engineering course. I had these two major math subjects in my first year. I must say that their Math in there if not the toughest in the country, was one of the toughest in my nation. I would take an exam and I would end up biting my ballpen so hard hoping that as I bit, I could think of the right answer. Many exams had gone during my first year, adding to the difficulty were Chemistry and Physics, therefore, many were the times I bit my ballpens. At the end of the year, the gap was already visible. Basically, the gap is my remembrance of my college life that I wanted to get rid of.

A selfie last July 2015. :))

If I had known that I'd be uglier and sadder, I wouldn't do such an ungraceful and dirty habit. Now, I paid a big price to make my teeth back to normal positions. It has already been six months since the day my teeth were installed with braces. Thankfully, the gap has already been closed and I'm quite happy for it. Right now, I just thank the minds who were able to think of braces to solve the problems of misaligned teeth.


Phoebe Marqueza said...

I had a teeth gap before, but I tried Orthofill and it worked for me #OrthoBands

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