January 15, 2011

about Hyun Bin

I've been watching Secret Garden (a Korean drama) these days. My roommate was talking a lot about it so I tried the first episode and BANG!, I'm hooked. Well, I'm not going to talk about it but if you're looking for a k-drama to watch for, you should pick Secret Garden. Yeah, I'm not going to share how entertaining this drama is for me. This post is for Hyun-Bin, the leading man behind that no. 1 drama in korea right now (I'm still referring to Secret Garden.) Aishh, this man though not really drop-dead attractive for the first look is actually a very much crushable person. The way he acts (he's really good), the way he walks, the way he stares, the way he shouts are leading you to like him much. Oh, but this is only me, I'm just assuming that we are one in emotion.
from Secret Garden

I'm such a curious person, you know, I have to research about him. I need to know more since I'm already liking him more than Jang Geun Suk(??). I guess so, I think I have to get over with JGS because I have this feeling that he is gay sissy. (shut up jellian, JGS has many fans, you want to die?!) Why should they be angry, it's what I see from my observant-to-actions eyes. Peace everyone, don't be mad at me it's just what I deeply perceive.. That's my assumption, ok? How I wish he isn't! Going back to Hyun Bin, the first thing I found out after googling him was, he's in a relationship with Song Hye-Kyo. I am not sure if they are still together because the article was posted two years ago (2009).. I pleasantly reacted to this significant fact. They are perfect for each other. Hyun Bin must really be charming and perhaps has everything a woman is looking for a man (haha) because he won Song Hye-Kyo's heart, one of the prettiest and cutest ladies I've ever seen on tv. I wish these two beautiful human beings are still in love with each other and will always be. (yay)
Pretty Song Hye Kyo

shh.. I've been playing this video a couple of times. haha. Omo! What a passionate kiss. The vid was from the scenes of their series together, Worlds Within (2008), which was the instrument for their special relationship to bud.
I had an LSS earlier with the song: So Kiss me darling, kiss me, kiss me tonight. (yak! I can't help it.)
Wait, Hyun Bin lost a lot of weight. Why?!

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