January 29, 2011

I wish I could go to Taylor Swift's Concert

If I'll make a list of music artists/bands that I'd like to watch performing in a concert, I'm certain to tell you that Taylor Swift will be the first one on that list. She'll be having a concert on February 19 at the Araneta Coliseum and I could only say, "Too bad, I'm still not rich right now just to expend a P12,000 for a ticket." Swift's concert in the Philippines comes sooner than I expected. I thought that it would be a few years later, a year when I can make money on my own and a P12,000 will not be a big deal to spend for a concert. I found a website where they'll be giving two tickets to the said concert. I joined, why not, maybe I'll be lucky just for once in raffle draws. The winners will be announced on February 2 so you can still participate. And if you'll win, please give the other ticket to me.hehe. I am not looking forward upon winning that ticket because doing so will only disappoint me. Hugh, super fat chance, drop it girl. I just hope that it will not be her last live performance in the country so I can still have an opportunity to see her.

There are two main reasons why I listen to her music:
  • I love country music.
  • Most of her lyrics are something that I can relate with.. Or, when I feel like to have a sad trip/senti moment her songs are bringing me to that state. (haha.. emo!)

Here's my top 10 fave Taylor Swift's songs anyway:
  1. I'd Lie - "And I could tell you his favorite color's green. He loves to argue. Born on the seventeenth. His sister's beautiful. He has his father's eyes. And if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie."
  2. Cold as You- "Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day. Just walk away, no use defending words that you will never say. And now that I'm sitting here thinkin' it through, I've never been anywhere cold as you."
  3. A Place in this World - "I dont know what i want. So dont ask me, cause im still trying to figure it out. Don't know what's down this road, im just walking. Trying to see through the rain coming down."
  4. A Perfectly Good Heart - "It's not unbroken anymore. How do I get it back the way it was before?"
  5. White Horse - "This is a small town. I was a dreamer before you went and let me down. Now its too late for you and your White Horse,To come around."
  6. The Outside - "I tried to take the road less traveled by. But nothing seems to work the first few times, Am I right? So how can I ever try to be better, nobody ever lets me in."
  7. Stay Beautiful - "If you and I are a story that never gets told. If what you are is a daydream, I'll never get to hold, at least you'll know.. You're beautiful every little piece love,."
  8. Today Was a Fairytale - "You've got a smile that takes me to another planet.  Every move you make, everything you say is right."
  9. You Belong With Me - "Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time"
  10. And this song, was the one that ushered me to listen and love her music. It's not the first song that I heard from her, it was 'Teardrops on my Guitar', but it didn't strike anything to me. 'Our Song' on the other hand is uhm, enjoyable to listen to..hehe.. Good melody..


Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift fan gyud ka no. Like man nako siya as a person (very pretty and wholesome.. at walang mga masasamang issues), pero di gyud nako type iya mga songs. Hehehe, sorry naman.. Tinuod ba jell nga puro about "boys" iya songs? =P

- you know who na :)

jellian gulles said...

it's okay rona, lahi-lahi man jud ang taste sa tao. hehe.. Uhm, 98% sa iyang song kay about boys.hahaha. Naa xay bag-ong song kron, Back to December, about daw to kay Taylor Lautner.

Anonymous said...

it shows nga graveh iya lovelife. hehehe. sige, dili tanaka awayon, it's a matter of personal taste lang gyud. hehehe. :D


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