August 21, 2011

the call

I texted my mama : Ma, manawag ko unya ha? (Ma, I'll call you later ha?--- weird translation with a 'ha'..haha)

Mama replied: Sure, I'm always waiting.

huhuhu (I cry literally).. Mama is waiting for my call since thursday! It's our tradition to talk for at least 15 minutes every week.. For this week, we haven't talked yet by the phone. I'm the one who's calling to her because I am a TM subscriber while her SIM is Globe. TM has this 15 minutes call for only 15 pesos. So she would send me load and I'd be the one to call her. I feel guilty for not making time to call her. What is 15 minutes Jellian?!

Trivia1: I was originally a Globe subscriber but I switched to TM when I found out that they have this 15MinutesCall for 15Pesos, for Mama. I want to talk to her that much without such a pain in our pocket.

Trivia2: Mama's first SIM was blocked by Globe because she was always registering for unli call (for 1 day) so she can talk with me and my sister for longer time. Now she's afraid on registering for unli call because she doesn't want to be blocked again. You know, it's a hassle for her especially that she is also a loader.

OH mama! I'm really sorry and


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

your mama would understand :) ...anah jud nah basta mama ♥

jill-yan said...

yeah, actually. :))


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