March 31, 2012

Love Rain

One, two, three..
In just three seconds, I fell in love.
I didn't intend to start to watch any series this month. My academics is just so demanding that I can't risk to try something that I could possibly find so addicting. Yet this friend, without really much effort, convinced me to watch Love Rain of Jang Geun Suk and Yoona of SNSD. She had already seen the two episodes, which for the mean time are the only available episodes, and she kept on saying that the drama is wonderful.

I didn't drag myself to view it because I am a fan of Jang Geun Suk as an actor. I find the pair really & absolutely perfect (what a description!) for each other. Talk about pretty boy and pretty girl. The story is much like my most favorite romantic movie, The Classic. It's because the drama is about a couple who love each other (the time is 1970s) but didn't destined to be together. Then comes the present, where they both have their own children. And those children would fall in love with each other. It's really like The Classic. But no worries, I am not complaining.

I got kilig many times as I watched it. It felt like I was the one who fell in love. I realize just now that one of my silly reasons why I am content of being single is that romantic series like this can already make me feel crazily in love. hihihi.

I hope that the flow of the story would be consistently interesting so that I won't have to stop watching it in the middle part just like what I did to the disappointing kdrama of Jang Geun Duk himself, Mary Stayed Out All Night.

March 28, 2012

terrified is the word

..for my academics.

I'm terrified to the point that as I was crossing the street earlier to go to my college to take a final exam, I was thinking that it would be fine for me to be hit by a vehicle and be dead. Maybe then this misery would end. For sure, there will be no college on the life after this life. I'm terrified for the result of my final exams of my two major subjects. I may have not done my best to perform well, but God knows how much I tried.

I'm terrified to the point that I woke up from a nightmare last Sunday, it was the first time after a long time. The scary dream was about a killer resident here in my dormitory. She was going to kill us all! Good thing, I was able to escape through the fire exit when she already found us. Then I woke up, it was 10am. The nightmare just showed how terrified I am inside. The fear penetrated to my dreams, that was what my professor in PI100 said. And I believe him.

Irony runs through my veins. I considered death earlier but afraid as hell to die base from the bad dream that I had. Well, maybe because I'm just really terrified, to the point that i really do not know what I'm gonna do. All I know is that I want to survive this academics of mine.

*sorry for the personal posts lately. After all, this blog was born for the exhaustion of my emotions.

March 23, 2012

let me be a kid once again

This picture is my most favorite one among the images that I captured with my digicam since I acquired it last year of December.
I was at my cousin's place that time. I went outside their house to simply take pictures of wonderful things. Then the little girl approached and looked at me. I asked her if she wanted a shot. She didn't nod or anything, she just stood there and still looked at me. I captured a photo of hers anyway. Afterwards, she picked a flower and showed it to me. I took the hint that she liked it to be captured, so I took a picture.

Maybe it's the flower. Or maybe it's the kid's eyes, how focused they were towards the camera. Or maybe it's the cuteness of how she bit her candy instead because she were already holding objects on her hands. Okay, I really do not know the exact reason why I love it. I love it, period, please don't give me a why. It's hard to give reasons on everything you hate and love.hehe

The picture also makes me nostalgic. I am nostalgic of being a kid. Now that I'm an adult, I have realized how blessed kids are. They play a lot. They don't get heartaches out of unrequited love. They do not know how hard it is to chase dreams. They don't think of money because their parents do provide it for them (not everyone though). They cry not because they fail a test but because their parents don't buy them a chocolate. They sleep early because they don't have exams and requirements to cram for. They are amazed by even trivial stuff, 'wow! the balloons are flying to heaven!' They believe and never doubt.
Hayyy, I miss being a kid. How foolish of me before always wishing to grow up fast. Now this is what I got.

March 14, 2012

Growing Love for Purple

One time this week, I saw Enni at the ladies' CR at our college (Engineering). I approached the jolly friend and she never missed to greet me a happy birthday. Yes, that's her joke to me, telling me a happy birthday every time we meet. Why happy birthday? It's because she noticed a lot of pink stuff I owned and the color reminded her of birthdays. Thus, she proclaimed that I'm an everyday birthday girl.

Pink has always been my most loved color ever since I knew how to love living and non-living things.hehehe. I had no second favorite color before. But recently, my fondness for the color purple has just grown stronger. I love looking at it. Just like pink, purple gives me a happy vibe.

I went to Robinson's East Mall last weekend to buy a sling bag. The bag that I usually used for school looked ugly now, given that it served me about 2 years already. So it was time to say goodbye to it and give hello to something new. I was drawn to choose from the Cose bags because they are not only affordable but also durable. As my eyes were scanning for the different styles and colors of bags, I was attracted by the one that was colored purple. I checked it and instantly loved it. Then I bought it for P600.

I used it earlier today. Funny it was that such a small thing like a bag could produce some kind of happiness. Looking at it, it gave a smile on my face because I admired how I found it so beautiful. ^_^  
Yes, I'm such a girly girl, I admit it. :)

Happy Birthday to the Most Important Woman of my Life

She makes it easier when life gets hard.

With all sincerity, I really couldn't imagine living this life without my mother. I'd rather die first than being left by her.

She never gets tired of believing in me.

I always receive from her unconditional and pure love.

I've seen her a thousand times sacrificing for us, her children.

I know what she has been through in this life and I am so proud of how much a strong woman she is.

She is simply the greatest blessing I ever had.

*high school graduation pix* 
Mama was happy and proud, her lazy daughter made it as a class salutatorian. 

Happy Birthday Ma! :D I LOVE you with all my heart. I pray that we'd be together in this life as longest as possible. I also pray for your happiness, HAPPINESS and more HAPPPIIINESS! :))

March 12, 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

My ideal Nuffnang summer is to be able to do these three things:

1.) Go somewhere I haven't been to like Bagiuo (Yes! I've never been there!) or Ilocos (as per Rona's suggestion) or Camiguin Island. It is always a wonderful, unforgettable experience to reach a beautiful place for the first time. And I definitely want to do that chance this summer!

2.) Go home to Gingoog City and stay for few days there after I'll accomplish my 30-day On the Job Training. The last time I was there, was summer last year. Although there are stuff that stop me to go back home, I just couldn't bear any longer of not seeing my family. After all, spending time with my family is something that I really would consider as an IDEAL moment. :) And then we would go to the beach. Yay! I love the beach, you know.
My Nuffnang summer would be more ideal if, while I'll be in Gingoog,  I'm going to see and bond with my great friends from high school. 

3.) Get an On the Job Training that I could learn a lot of things from. choss. You know, something that you could say, "At least it is worth it despite the exhaustion!" :)

Also, an ideal summer could be fulfilled if you retain your complexion in spite of being exposed too much by the sun and if you keep your skin away from any damage that the sun could bring. For that, a sunscreen lotion is a must, like Banana Boat.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We’ve got you covered.

Moreover, to be able to flaunt your skin for those beach escapades, we need to get rid of those hairs. Thus, we need a product like Schick.

Schick. Free your skin.

March 11, 2012

The Gay and The Introvert

Habang nag-aabang ako ng jeep papuntang Katipunan, sa waiting shed ng AS, nakita ko ang classmate ko sa Arkiyo isang taon na ang nakalipas na naglalakad papunta sa aking direksyon. Tiningnan ko siya, tiningnan niya ako. Sabi ko sa sarili, "Ay, hindi ako magha-'hi' jan kasi hindi naman kami close. Tapos, baka hindi na niya ako makikilala kasi parang mas gumanda ako ngayon kesa dati (hahaha)." Kung kilala niyo ako, hindi talaga ako yung pala-HI sa mga acquaintances. Isa akong introvert at hinihintay ko yung mga acquaintances na iyon na mag-HI muna sa akin. Kung hindi nila gagawin yun, edi keber, walang pansinan.

Nang malapit na siya sa akin, bigla siyang nag-HI. Napa-HELLO tuloy ako. At nagkaroon kami ng maikling conversation:
Siya: Kilala mo pa ba ako? 
Ako: Oo, klasmeyt kita sa Arkiyo.
Siya: Ano nga ulit pangalan mo?
Ako: Jill. Wait, ikaw, parang naaalala ko pangalan mo. Joshua di ba?
Siya: hehe.. oo.
Ako: Ang galing ko no?
Siya: hehe
Ako: Ang bibo mo kasi sa klase eh kaya naalala kita.
Siya: Sa first part lang ako bibo at sa mga reportings. Ang ingay ko rin kasi sa harap. blah blah blah blah blah blah
(May kinuwento siya about sa teacher namin sa Arkiyo..)
Ako: Hala, ano ngang pangalan ng teacher natin?
Siya: Si Ma'am Kat, Kat _______.

 Points why I shared this encounter:
1.) Wala talagang uneasiness kapag nakikipag-usap ako sa mga bading, whether close ko sila o hindi. Wala, bigla lang akong nagiging komportable sa kanila. Nawawala ang aking reservations, nakakalimutan ko na ako ay introvert. Basta, masaya sila kasama na hindi pwedeng tatahimik ka lang and all.
2.) Minsan, mas naaalala mo pa ang pangalan ng iyong klasmeyt kaysa sa pangalan ng teacher mo na palagi mong kaharap every class meetings.
3.) Na-realize kong may mga taong kayang ibahin ang personality mo kapag kasama mo sila. 

March 06, 2012

Peanut Butter Company

It's been almost a month that I haven't seen my good friend, Rona, thus I missed her company. Last Sunday, I invited her that we'd eat dinner together. Off we went to Katipunan. I suggested that we'd eat at Manang's Chicken since the last time that I ate there was quite a long time already. But when we got there, we decided to eat instead somewhere we have never tried yet. We entered RegisCenter, a newly established building where numerous food establishments are located at the second floor.

We chose to have dinner at Peanut Butter Co. We were actually hesitant to eat there because it was near empty with customers. PB Co. looked pitiful because you could really call their place as 'nilalangaw' compared to the one beside them, almost all of the tables and chairs were occupied. We actually first entered that food establishment right beside them. Unfortunately, the cost was way too expensive. The carbonara that I planned to order cost P180 without drinks and bread. So I was like, “No, thanks.” I'll just go back there and eat when the price doesn't hurt my pocket anymore.

I ordered a meal that comprised of a curry flavored spaghetti, peanut butter sandwich and iced tea for P125. It was my first time to taste a spaghetti with that kind of flavor. Although I'm not fond of curry, I have to say that I liked it. I even liked it more than what Rona had. I didn't know the name of the pasta she ordered, all I knew was that it definitely tasted like butter. Rona and I had the same comment about it, we were used that butter was paired with bread and not pasta. Thus, we found it weird and didn't like it generally.
Ang Spaghetting lasang kare-kare. :)
Rona's order
One thing that I should have done first, eat the peanut butter sandwich then the spaghetti. I wasn't able to enjoy it because my taste bud was invaded by the taste of the curry. Which was a bummer for me since the sandwich was the one that really excited me from what I ordered.

If you'd ask me if I'd like to go back there, I don't think I would. The food was good but it was not something that I'd like to go back for. If there's a chance that I'd be able to eat there once again, I'd order a different one from what I chose last Sunday. Maybe then I will taste something that I would love to bits.

March 04, 2012

The Vow

"I chose to stay with him for all the things that he had done right, and not to leave him for one thing that he had done wrong."
It's the quote from the movie, The Vow, that poked my eyes for tears. It's a good movie for me. I cried my heart out.hehehe. One amazing thing about it is that it is inspired by true events. :D Amnesia thing maybe so used a lot in romantic movies but hell, it's still good.

Although we weren't able to watch the movie on the big screen, my friend Grace had a copy and we viewed it earlier. :D She also did cry and we laughed about how stupid we looked crying for we were definitely touched by love to bits.hehehe. It is always fun to watch something with a company.

March 03, 2012

friday is a break day

The roommates  and I went to Trinoma to watch the Hollywood movie, The Vow. Much to our dismay, the movie wasn't showing anymore. We decided to watch another one. Chill wanted This Means War while Hazel preferred Unofficially Yours. I supported Hazel saying that I'm actually a fan of John Lloyd Cruz, so I'd like to watch his latest movie. Chill was kind of disappointed because I think she doesn't like watching Pinoy movies especially on big screen but still she agreed with Unofficially Yours. When we were on the counter, we were surprised by the amount of the ticket-- P200.00. Hollywood movies only cost P160-P180 so we didn't get the logic why a local movie is more expensive than an international one.  For me, I really wouldn't mind paying P200 to watch the said film.  But it would be so insensitive of me if I would just let Chill pay for something she really didn't like. We then declined to watch a movie and decided to just eat at the mall.

We ate dessert somewhere I didn't mind to know the store's name.hahaha. I bought Mango Mania for P109.00. It was basically an ice cream. My verdict about it: okay lang, hindi yung tipong babalikan mo. After staying there for several minutes, Nisseth suggested that we'd play at Timezone.

We played and had fun indeed. My favorite part was playing the basketball. :) I looked so stupid though doing the dance revo. 

I totally had fun. It felt like it was my first time being free from any stress due to academics. School these past days was really haggard and all.. It was a blessing to be given that time wherein you were able to be a kid again, just carefree. :))


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