March 06, 2012

Peanut Butter Company

It's been almost a month that I haven't seen my good friend, Rona, thus I missed her company. Last Sunday, I invited her that we'd eat dinner together. Off we went to Katipunan. I suggested that we'd eat at Manang's Chicken since the last time that I ate there was quite a long time already. But when we got there, we decided to eat instead somewhere we have never tried yet. We entered RegisCenter, a newly established building where numerous food establishments are located at the second floor.

We chose to have dinner at Peanut Butter Co. We were actually hesitant to eat there because it was near empty with customers. PB Co. looked pitiful because you could really call their place as 'nilalangaw' compared to the one beside them, almost all of the tables and chairs were occupied. We actually first entered that food establishment right beside them. Unfortunately, the cost was way too expensive. The carbonara that I planned to order cost P180 without drinks and bread. So I was like, “No, thanks.” I'll just go back there and eat when the price doesn't hurt my pocket anymore.

I ordered a meal that comprised of a curry flavored spaghetti, peanut butter sandwich and iced tea for P125. It was my first time to taste a spaghetti with that kind of flavor. Although I'm not fond of curry, I have to say that I liked it. I even liked it more than what Rona had. I didn't know the name of the pasta she ordered, all I knew was that it definitely tasted like butter. Rona and I had the same comment about it, we were used that butter was paired with bread and not pasta. Thus, we found it weird and didn't like it generally.
Ang Spaghetting lasang kare-kare. :)
Rona's order
One thing that I should have done first, eat the peanut butter sandwich then the spaghetti. I wasn't able to enjoy it because my taste bud was invaded by the taste of the curry. Which was a bummer for me since the sandwich was the one that really excited me from what I ordered.

If you'd ask me if I'd like to go back there, I don't think I would. The food was good but it was not something that I'd like to go back for. If there's a chance that I'd be able to eat there once again, I'd order a different one from what I chose last Sunday. Maybe then I will taste something that I would love to bits.

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sukaiburu said...

Cold Asian noodles to ako Jell.. lami sa first few tries, then maka-umay na dayon later.. hehe.. Try nato tong pikas resto puhon!!


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