March 12, 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

My ideal Nuffnang summer is to be able to do these three things:

1.) Go somewhere I haven't been to like Bagiuo (Yes! I've never been there!) or Ilocos (as per Rona's suggestion) or Camiguin Island. It is always a wonderful, unforgettable experience to reach a beautiful place for the first time. And I definitely want to do that chance this summer!

2.) Go home to Gingoog City and stay for few days there after I'll accomplish my 30-day On the Job Training. The last time I was there, was summer last year. Although there are stuff that stop me to go back home, I just couldn't bear any longer of not seeing my family. After all, spending time with my family is something that I really would consider as an IDEAL moment. :) And then we would go to the beach. Yay! I love the beach, you know.
My Nuffnang summer would be more ideal if, while I'll be in Gingoog,  I'm going to see and bond with my great friends from high school. 

3.) Get an On the Job Training that I could learn a lot of things from. choss. You know, something that you could say, "At least it is worth it despite the exhaustion!" :)

Also, an ideal summer could be fulfilled if you retain your complexion in spite of being exposed too much by the sun and if you keep your skin away from any damage that the sun could bring. For that, a sunscreen lotion is a must, like Banana Boat.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We’ve got you covered.

Moreover, to be able to flaunt your skin for those beach escapades, we need to get rid of those hairs. Thus, we need a product like Schick.

Schick. Free your skin.

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