May 06, 2012

Wild Romance

Lee Dong Wook, my longest Korean crush since 2006, was the reason why I chose to watch Wild Romance. To sustain me to finish all its episodes does not depend on his presence but rather, the story itself. The fact that I was able to watch it until the last within a week just means that the story is good. 

Wild Romance is a romantic comedy series sprinkled with mystery and suspense (or is it just me?). I laughed so hard in this drama. I must say that this is yet the best comedy series ever basing from the frequency and intensity of my laughs. I found it shallow at first, sometimes you just want something to be serious and the drama just went on to tickle me. On the latter part, I learned to appreciate its humor which was present almost every second of the series. After all, comedy is one of my favorite genres.

Lee Si-Young, the female protagonist, appeared in Boys Over Flowers (BOF) as Jun Pyo's stalker who became Jan Di's friend at school but later on betrayed her. I actually didn't remember her on that drama, my roommate only told me. Her part on BOF was just short that's why she was not memorable. Yet through Wild Romance, I should say that she'll be remembered by me as one of the best actresses of her generation in Korea. She is the funniest person, the major reason why I laughed my heart out while watching Wild Romance. I love her already that I have to find her Facebook fan page and follow it.

What made the series very exciting was the mystery of who was that person who wanted to ruin Park Mu Yeol's (Lee Dong Wook) career and life eventually. It was mind-boggling. I had goose bumps (OA??) when I realized who that person was, very unexpected! Okay.. I'll stop there. I don't want to spoil you.

I hope that this isn't considered as a spoiler but I have to mention that I so dearly loved  these two supporting characters, Manager Kim and Dong-Ah:
They gave me more kilig than the main characters. They were just so cute for each other. Hahaha. Also, Manager Kim is such a hottie. I hope the two would be given a big break, a drama that they'll lead. I would definitely watch it!kekeke! Please be popular exponentially!

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