June 17, 2012


What is the chance that there is at least one Infinite fan who ranks the members the way I rank them? I'm afraid there is none. But that's okay, we are born to be unique in many ways. I hope I don't get harsh comments from my ranking. Please respect it. :) The degree of my love for them may differ but the bottom line is, I LOVE them all.

Let's start from the member that I love the least..

7. Sungjong (Lee Sung Jong)
The irony of this is that he was the one whom I first noticed when I discovered their epic 'Be Mine' music video. He was the first one whom I searched for the name. Yes, I found him the most attractive member the moment I laid my eyes to the group. Things simply changed after seeing him on interviews and shows other than their sing and dance performances. I found out that he's so effeminate. Every move he makes is so gay and I don't like that. It did hurt me, actually. He walks, waves, shouts, runs like a girl. He is popular in imitating girl groups' dance moves with matching swaying of butt.. Sometimes, I'm entertained and amused how he can flawlessly copy a girlie dance moves but it also turns me off. Basically, I want him to be manly.

He is so pretty. He could be mistaken as a girl. Although he is the last in my ranking, I think he is the one that I'd be most comfortable to be with if I'd meet them and be friends with them.

6. Sunggyu (Kim Sung Gyu)
 Sunggyu is the second best singer in the group (some might think that he is the best, but for me it is Woohyun). He is the eldest, thus assumes leadership. He is bossy sometimes, yet very responsible. I just don't like the fact that he is abusing his position being the leader and the eldest. He is frequently  asking Sungjong (since he is the youngest) to do a lot of stuff while he is just there nagging and roaming around like a CEO.

What really makes him on my no. 6 list is mainly because of his eyes. Hahaha, I know, silly reason. It would really be okay to me if he could undergo a double-eyelid surgery. Hehehe. Love you, leader-gyu!

Sunggyu impressed me recently after watching the second episode of Ranking King. He is talented, you know. Aside from singing and dancing, he can also play the piano. It turned me on!

5. Hoya (Lee Ho Won)
Everybody calls him the Dance Machine Hoya because of his impeccable and awesome dance moves. I might have said before that Dongwoo is the best dancer, but now, I think it is really Hoya. I have nothing to say against him since I find him a great person. The only downside of being him is he is the most boring person or if not, the second one and the first would be Myungsoo (hihihi). He is just quiet especially on the show, Sesame Player. He has now learned to make efforts in conversations though and he is also trying to be humorous. Without Hoya, I don't think Infinite would be as successful as they are right now. Yes, for me, he is the most important member since the group is known for its perfectly synchronized dance moves.

By the way, he is SNSD's Tiffany's favorite. :)

4. Sungyeol (Lee Song Yeol)

The height of Infinite--it really made me laugh when he said it while introducing himself from a show that I already forgot the title. It was not a joke but I found it so hilarious. I was thinking, so his height is the reason why he has been included in the group? Sung Yeol maybe the least talented one for he can hardly sing and his dancing skill is not at par with Hoya and Dongwoo, but this person has an awesome personality. He is not boring. He is the spirit of the group. Even if he talks a lot, he is not irritable. I'd say that he should be the spokesperson of the group and not Sunggyu.hehe.

3. Woohyun (Nam Woo Hyun)
He is definitely the AEGYO king! Whenever possible, he is making pa-cute here and there. It is actually amusing and I don't like him to change that.kekeke. Woohyun for me is the most talented member. I like his aegyo. I like his face. I like his smile. I just don't like him flirting a lot.haha. Woohyun is cool, he knows how to win someone's heart. Although he is good at it, he is just my number 3.hehehe. But I think there was a time, a short time, that he was my ultimate INFINITE bias.

2. L (Kim Myung Soo)
OH L! L is so handsome. If I'd have a son, I want that boy to look like him.kekeke. How would that be possible? Only if I'd marry L or marry someone who looks like him.hihihi. That is the kind of face that could stop my world if I'd be seeing him approaching me while I'm walking in the hallway. You know, tulo-laway lang. L is also talented, plus he can play guitar. It really added a lot of pogi (handsome) points when I watched him playing the said instrument. Goodness, I remember how I got kilig.

L is the most popular member. Probably, he has the most number of fans. He is not only a singer and a dancer, he is also an actor. Recently, he got a series, Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I haven't watched it yet but I know, he played a big role.

1. Dongwoo (Jang Dong Woo)
Just like what my close friend said, he is my one true love. That's why he's my number one. 

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