August 29, 2012

For the Love of Books and Judith McNaught

There is a new bookshop in Krus na Ligas and I found my feet entering the little store. I just wanted to look around. I absolutely didn't intend to buy but damn, I was amazed by the cheapness of the novels. And yes, I found lots of Judith McNaught's novels there. If you do not know, I really love Judith McNaught's stories about love. For me, Nicholas Sparks is nothing compared to her. (hehe) Just last week, I finished reading her Night Whispers and I rated it 5 stars out of 5. That said book was the fifth novel that I read from her authorship. She has written 18 books and I would love to read all of them. So going back to the shop, I ended up holding two novels of McNaught, which were P150 each. And I was like, "Gosh, I have to buy these!" And so buy I did (Master Yoga ang peg!haha).

I do believe that spending my money for books is never a waste. But right now, I shouldn't be buying anything that's not a necessity  because I am saving money for something (clue: kpop thingy). But I am trapped by my fondness of reading novels or even just collecting them. What is funny about this is that I still have books which I haven't read yet. And there are two ebooks that I still have to finish reading. Oh well, such is life. We tend to get stuff as many as possible without realizing that there are already too much on our hands.  

August 25, 2012

Inuman Sessions Album Launching Experience

Let me tell you about my experience when I attended the album launching of Inuman Sessions Volume 2 of my most favorite Pinoy band, Parokya ni Edgar. As early as August 1, I already knew of the launching and right that day I decided that I'd go. So ever since that moment, my heart was filled with excitement to get hold of a copy and its freebies. I was amazed that for only P550, you'll get a DVD, CD, T-shirt and poster. I saved the said amount of money from my meager allowance. I expected that I'd get them without considering that a lot of others were already planning to do so.

I arrived at the venue around 6 PM. I was one hour early so I never had worries. But dear, as soon as I saw the very, very long line, my expectation was vanished. Still, I fell in line, hoping that in spite of a lot of people, I could still buy a copy and enter the venue. While I was in the queue, I busied myself by reading a novel. Yes, I was reading while standing. It was even raining! Therefore, I was reading while standing and holding an umbrella. After almost one hour, my friend arrived and of course, I was still in the line that moved slowly. A little after 7 PM, we heard the people in front of us talking that the venue was already full so the organizers stopped receiving more fans. They left the line. My friend asked the nearest security personnel to confirm what we overheard. Indeed, the entrance was closed. It didn't discourage me much because my main goal was to buy a DVD copy. We went to the gate entrance and asked  the guard if there were still DVD's left. He then said, "Wala na, CD na lang."  My heart was crushed, broken and chopped into pieces! All I wanted was a DVD! :(

I was so regretful. I wished I had come earlier, I would have bought the DVD and its freebies and I would also be able to enter. My class was only until 1pm after my 1pm-4pm class professor had something to attend to. As early as 1pm, I could have already been leaving my dorm. Yet I underestimated the number of fans Parokya ni Edgar had. I was really regretful and my friend witnessed my childish whining that time. I just couldn't accept the fact that I went there for nothing. Around 8 pm, the band appeared on stage. Chito apologized for those who weren't able to come inside. I just said, "Whatever". Sorry, I was really disappointed. They performed Buloy first and we were just standing there without even seeing their faces. With the rain still falling, we just listened. When Chito sang the second song, Para Sayo, I invited my friend to eat dinner instead. I was standing for two hours and my legs hurt already. Plus, I was hungry. Also, it only gave me much disappointment by just listening there. I was envious of the people inside who got the opportunity to fully rock with the band.

I felt okay after we ate at KFC. Good thing, Rona was there and I had someone to share my frustration with. When we left the fast food chain, the mini-concert was over and the autograph signing was on-going. We went back to the place just to see how it was going. At the entrance, I saw a little commotion. I went nearer and found out that there were selling of DVDs! I joined the mob and I was like, "Kuya, kuya, isang DVD!!" And yes, I bought one for P550 without T-shirt and poster. Of course, I was so happy. After all, I won't go back to my dorm bitter!
We were also able to get inside to have a closer look of the band members. I wasn't able to get an autograph because it was a first come, first serve basis. Since there were so many who were ahead of me, I have to wait for too long. And I have no time because it was already 10pm. I was afraid that by 11pm or 12am, there were no jeepneys anymore. So I had to go and miss the chance of having an autograph signed from the Filipino band that I really love so much. Next time na lang, I know that there will be next time. 

Things didn't come out the way I imagined them on my mind, still I arrived at my dorm happy. At least, I had a DVD and a CD with me.

It was my first time to attend an album launching. It taught me one thing: be early as much as possible! Be early because it hurts a lot when you don't get the thing that you've been anticipating for for a long time.

August 21, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom

One of my minor childhood dreams came true last Sunday, August 19, 2012. Finally, I was able to visit Enchanted Kingdom! The child in me was so very happy that after years of waiting, I got to ride the space shuttle! Yes, it was just mainly for the space shuttle why I so secretly wanted to go to EK. My desire to experience it was born after seeing a lot of it on tv where fun was painted on the faces of the people riding in it. Nisseth, my roommate, invited me last Thursday and I was still undecided. I had a reserved money to buy a DVD by my most favorite Pinoy band this week. And I didn't think that it would be a great idea to use it for EK. But then I realized, going to the said theme park was a childhood dream, so yeah, bahala na si Batman for PNE's Inuman Session Vol II DVD. I hope I could still squeeze money from my allowance this week. One thing is for sure, though, I never regretted using my money to go to EK which was supposedly for the DVD. It was worth it, super worth it that I wanted to go back many times this year until the excitement will wear off.

The ride that we first tried was the Anchors Away, modeled like a pirate's ship that will swing you back and forth. We fell in line for around 30 minutes. It looked nothing but an easy ride. While watching those people who were already riding it, I sort of mocked some who for me, overly reacted with a simple ride as Anchors Away. I saw a woman who almost fainted while in it. We were like, "hugh, are you kidding me?". When it was our turn, I was surprised by how awful it was. Right there, I understood the woman who almost fainted. I didn't like the feeling every time it went down after it arrived the highest point. I just screamed and laughed to ease my uncomfortable feeling. I honestly wanted to leave if it were possible. Thank God, it didn't last that long. I was so proud afterwards that I was able to survive the awful ride. I tell you, I don't want to be in there again.

Right after the Anchors Away, we fell in line for the Jungle Log Jam. Good thing, the queue wasn't that long so we were able to ride after 10 minutes maybe of waiting. I had a wonderful feeling in this ride because I felt I was like in an animation movie. I can't identify which film has something like this ride but I am sure there is one. Weee... It was so cool being transported by the water current. I screamed twice after we slid down. Yikes, I really didn't like the feeling of falling with an acceleration greater than 9.8 m/s^2 (gravity's acceleration). I got slightly wet here. I'd prefer this ride rather than the Anchors Away. ^_^

Afterwards, we went for our much-anticipated, space shuttle. The line was so long and we waited for an hour just to get a ride. :( Ivy, my roommates' high school classmate, recorded the duration of time during a space shuttle's travel and it only took 53 seconds! Yes, we had waited, standing a long queue for 1 hour in exchange for a 1-minute ride! Was it worth it? For me, it was! It was a one hell of a crazy ride! It was amazing! I got a little bit tipsy after but dude, the feeling was really awesome. I was proud with five of us because nobody threw up. Yeah, we were sort of made for this kind of ride. If the line wasn't that long, I could have asked them for a round two.hehehe.

We then went to Ice Monster for refreshment. I, together with my roommates, ordered for a mango split for P119.00. It was just an ice cream with mango chunks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. We stayed for a while for it was cold there while outside was hot even though the sun wasn't really shining.

The ride that we next tried was the Rio Grande Rapids. As expected, the queue was as long as the line in Space Shuttle. The Rio Grande Rapids was not a scary ride. What will make you scream during the ride, though, was the possibility that you might get wet all over. The current was strong. The waves were raging. And there were falls too that might  stood right above us. It was fun screaming and laughing for who would get wetter.

The last thing we rode was the carousel for the sake of picture taking.hehe. Good thing, it was not in demand so we were able to ride directly. We were supposedly going to try the wonderful wheel of fate or more popularly known as ferris wheel. Unfortunately, the line was too long. We didn't like to spend the remaining 1 hour to queue. So there, we chose carousel instead and spent the few remaining minutes in taking pictures.

One item on my bucket list was already marked checked, now that I already went to Enchanted Kingdom. ^_^

*some photos are from Nisseth

August 20, 2012

astronaut boyfriend

Le boyfriend is an astronaut.hihihi. Do I look like such a clingy girlfriend?

The photo was taken right after we rode the epic space shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Le hair was a mess because of the crazy adventure it didn't anticipate. 

*I'll be posting later for my detailed adventure at Enchanted Kingdom!

August 18, 2012

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

The Moon That Embraces The Sun was the first Korean series that I finished watching which was under the genre of historical drama. I just don't like watching historical dramas because I have a notion that they're boring. So why did I end up watching it? There were three reasons. First, my roommates recommended it to me, telling me that it was very good. Second, the tv ratings were high which made me curious even more on how good the drama was. And third, Kim Soo Hyun, the guy I appreciated so much in Dream High (Sam Dong) was leading the drama.

The drama is about a Prince (Lee Hwon), who at the young age of 13 found the person who he will love for the rest of his life. He met Heo Yeon Woo, a noble man's daughter, who also was at the same age as him. He fell in love with her wit and personality and eventually everything about her. The prince asked his father (the King) to let him marry Heo Yeon Woo. Please do understand that in their era, a 13-year-old individual can already enter marriage with the consent of his/her parents. But to become a crown princess was not the choice of the prince but it was a contest that will be competed by girls who passed the standards of being the next royalty. Fortunately, Heo Yeon Woo was the one who was chosen. But then, the evil, power-maniac Queen Dowager (Lee Hwon's grandmother) didn't approve of the decision for she wanted a girl who was blood related to them to preserve their blood line. With the help of a shaman, she ordered her to kill the future crown princess with the use of witchcraft. The shaman followed the command but didn't actually kill the girl. She made everybody believed that she was dead and hid her away from the place where the girl was known. With the memory being lost, the girl was unaware of her past, her family, the boy she loved and the suffering she underwent. But she can't keep on hiding. After eight years, she came back to the place where her destiny must unfold.

It is a series with substance. Yes, I admit it, I usually watch Korean series for me to fill this heart with much 'kilig' and I wouldn't mind if they would be recycled or shallow. But this series is one of the few that I viewed which throws you a lot of lessons in life. It's not just about romantic love. It tackles about true leadership, brotherhood and what it really means to be loyal.  It would also break your heart knowing that there are some people who could go as far as killing precious lives just to be on the top. Yet, the series also shows that one of the greatest gifts in life are friends who would stick on your side even if they were tempted to go on a better side other than yours. 

Warning: This series is heavy. Yeah, when I say heavy, it would suck all your tears out. 

My Rating: 8.5/10

August 16, 2012


I so want to leave this place. I'm choking here. I'm being told to do what I don't want  to do. But I still oblige for the sake of that beautiful future that they said. I want to end this, desperately aching to finish this. But what am I doing? I've been procrastinating. I've been prioritizing the things that could delay me again. Gaaad, why is it so hard to be me? I wish I were born a bit more intelligent and a lot more hard working. Being me is just depressing.

I miss my family. It has been more than a year since the last time I saw them. I so miss them that I think I'm losing the strength that I have earned which comes from them. Why do I have to be so far from them? I wish I studied near home. Things would have been better, so much better. Yeah, like I would have graduated already! This is what I got for dreaming big. For believing that I can do more. I wish I were realistic before. But fuck, I was taught to be an idealist.

I am not happy right now. And the main reason of this unhappiness is my frustration of being myself. Yeah, I hate myself so much.

August 10, 2012

Another Blog

I have a thing for quotes especially those from books I read. In order to remember them, I wrote them somewhere whether  here on my blog, on my twitter account, on my facebook account (private mode) , on a notepad or on my personal journal. I find happiness on reading those quotes again, the quotes that I could relate to or I strongly agree with or has touched me in a way.

As I was reading Norwegian Wood earlier, I suddenly thought of creating a blog which would contain all the quotes that I find worth noting for from the books I read. I just realized that I have to have a place where I could find them all there, just them. So the I want to be a worm, a bookworm! was born. I should have done it long before, oh well, the idea just came earlier. Better late than never, you know.

By the way, you might ask why I did choose tumblr for that blog. Simple, tumblr has a reblog option and those quotes are meant to be reblogged if that person finds it worth noting for.

This is for you

I just want you to know that I'm not gonna pursue you. Yes, I like you but I'm not gonna be like those other girls you know who would run after guys. If you are the kind of boy who wants to be pursued, then you are not the one that I've been looking for.

I can die waiting than confess my love infatuation to you first.

And about waiting, I guess I'm going to give it up because I think I've been waiting for someone who doesn't even like me in the first place. 

August 07, 2012

Men: Women, don't cut your long hair.

When I read Paulo Coelho's post about men's rules for a relationship, I was surprised that men love their women to be having a long hair instead of short. I never thought that the length of their partners' hair would matter for them that much.
Read Coelho's Men's rules of engagement here.
It's even on the top of the list. I did wonder, what percentage of men around the world do think that women look more attractive if they have long hair, 60%-70% or higher maybe?

A couple of months ago, when classes just started, a girl classmate who also happens to be my orgmate, told me this, "Jill, ang haba na ng buhok mo." (Your hair is already too long.) Prior to her, I heard others telling me that same thing. Since I was already bothered by the attention it brought to others, I asked her if it looks awful to me. I can't recall the exact words she said but she told me that I would look better if I make it short. I ended up asking my friends in that class. And what was interesting about it was the boys thought that my long hair would suit me better and my girl friends, except for one, thought the other way around. One guy friend even said, "Sorry, but we are boys (thus, we like long hair)". That made me remember about Coelho's post.

And just earlier, as I was reading a popular Japanese novel, Norwegian Wood, I encountered yet another stuff that would prove that men, really, really love to see women in their long hair.

It's nice to know what men perceive to be attractive. It gives us an idea on how to get the attention of someone we like.hahaha.
But girls, if you really do not like your long hair anymore, go on and cut it. Fuck those rules men make. If they love you enough, it is not a big deal for them whatever hairstyle you wear.

August 04, 2012

Flats From Zalora

Finally, I gave in to buy something online. I ordered flats from Zalora last Tuesday and it arrived yesterday (Friday). And yes, I'm happy with my new shoes. Flats, if you do not know, have become my favorite foot ware since last summer. As much as possible, I don't want my toes to be exposed for I don't want them to look dark. So I seldom wear slippers now. The feet went dark last sem for I only usually wore slippers during our fieldwork (remember, geodetic engineer in the making here). So I turned to flats, in that way, my precious feet are not totally exposed and most importantly, the toes are hidden. And besides, wearing flats is really comfortable.

The three cool things about Zalora are, you don't have to pay for shipping wherever you are in the country, you could pay on cash on delivery basis (only in Metro Manila though) and there is no minimum amount of order. One thing that stopped me from buying online before was because of the shipping fee. I am such a thrift that with the addition of the shipping fee, I don't already think that the stuff that I'd be ordering would still be worth it. Another thing that discouraged me from buying online was the mode of payment. It is a hassle to go to the bank or G-CASH centers to pay. But with Zalora, it eliminates those hindrances, well, for those who reside in Metro Manila. Zalora definitely makes online shopping way more convenient. For sure, this wouldn't be my last purchase from the said store.

August 01, 2012

My Grad Pictorial

The grad pictorial was over. I still can't say that it was successful because I still haven't seen the pictures. Hopefully, I would look beautiful there. It was my first time to be in a photoshoot. I tell you, it was fun. I like my make-up artist because he told me that I looked like Antoinette Taus.hahaha. Flattered, I was. Ate Ivan (the make-up artist) asked me if I know her and I said Yes. I even wanted to add that she's Dingdong Dante's ex-girlfriend and Tom Taus' sister, the boy who portrayed Cedie  in the movie, Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe. The make-up made me look better, way better. It was like magic because it concealed my pimply face.

There were four kinds of shots that I underwent where I wore different clothes. First, the formal, then the sablay, the toga and lastly, the creative shot. It didn't take that long. I think I have five shots per theme. When I was already finished being photographed for the first three costumes, I was left only wearing a white tube on my top. I was super not comfortable. I felt so exposed. I was roaming the room wearing only that. It would be okay if there were no guys around, but there were lots of them. That moment, I wanted to use my invisibility superpower if I had any.

I talked to two make-up artists, one of them was Ate Ivan, to ask for my creative shot. They suggested me to be a Greek Goddess and I directly agreed. Boy, I always wanted to be a goddess.hehehe. My hairstyle was changed and Ate Ivan put eyelashes. Uhm, I absolutely didn't like the eyelashes. I looked like a bekimon. They also made me wear heavy earrings. I thought my earlobes would be ripped that time. Thankfully, they didn't.

When I'll get hold of the pictures, I'll share it here whether they're great or not. But that will still be in October.hehehe.


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