February 09, 2013

New Glasses from The Optical Shop

Yay! I've got new glasses now. :) This makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I'm already wearing better eyeglasses compared to the previous one. They're more comfortable and I can see clearer. But sad because they're so expensive. :( I'm a beggar now, beggar to my mother.

Two years and five months ago, I wore my first prescription glasses. And today, I awarded my first eyeglasses a rest forever. 

My vision is now 75/75. Previously, it was 50/75. I commend my right eye for staying by what it was more than two years ago. I still have astigmatism, thoough, in my right eye, whatever that is. I still do appreciate my left eye because for a long time, it doesn't increase that much. 25 for me is just a little change. I've known some friends whose vision drastically climbed for just a short expanse of time. So I'm still thankful. Of course, I never wanted my vision to get worse because nobody likes to be more and more dependent with their eyeglasses.

I chose a black and an angular frame because I've learned from the internet that they sort of make your face look smaller and less round.  

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