October 17, 2013

when you have a friend who is a fanboy

Hi there everyone, I received a wonderful present from a guy friend last Sunday. He is a chinggu (Korean word for friend) who is also into Kpop. I tell you, he is straight. We actually bash each other’s favorites but that is just a joke, maybe half meant.hehe. He likes IU, Girls' Generation and other girl idols, while I am mostly into boy groups. We met last Sunday because we went to an orgmate’s thanksgiving celebration. (By the way, the food was good. I was definitely full! Thank you JM!) The friend knows I like INFINITE the most. I was pleasantly surprised when he handed me a photo card of one of INFINITE’s members! 

He got a free card while he was working as a trainee in KCC (Korean Cultural Center). He didn’t know my ultimate bias so he just picked the best looking member. There really is a universal beauty. Although the cliché, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, still stands true, there is some kind of beauty that almost everyone would agree upon. Myungsoo or more popularly known as L, is the face of the group. If you are not familiar with kpop, “face of the group” means he is the most handsome among the members.

I made my personal ranking of INFINITE’s seven members on this post. Just see how close L is to my heart.

In my imaginative kpop universe, L is my boyfriend, although I choose Dongwoo as my future husband.hehe. 

With this wonderful gesture of my friend, I am reminded by a beautiful quote I encountered from Tumblr:

By the way, if you’re curious about where did my blog header come from, it is from this video. Yeah, it is a screenshot!hehehe!

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