January 11, 2014

My Little Bossings is Upsetting!!

I watched My Little Bossings just yesterday. The movie is the first MMFF film I ever watched in a theater. I was enticed to see it because of the very cute and smart in spite of her age, Ryzza Mae Dizon. But my gosh, it is really upsetting. I want a refund of my Php130. Although I admit that I like shallow films, the movie isn't even considered shallow, it's dry!! I'd like to enumerate the things that upset me.

1.) It was like watching commercials on tv!! Lucky Me, El Real, Julie's Bakeshop, that-Japanese-Restaurant-that-I-can't-remember-the-name, Ariel, Safeguard, Solmux, Betadine and Kettle Korn. I even haven't mentioned all the products which appeared in the movie. It was annoying. One-three products is tolerable, but what the heck, you're bombarded with several of them. Hello!!!! My goal for watching a movie is to be entertained, not to help me decide what to purchase next! I may forgive them for that too much advertising if they spent lots of millions or billions upon doing the film. Yung kasing mahal nung ginawa ang Titanic na movie. But was it that expensive? If so, hindi halata. :|

2.) Shaky cameraman. My head ached for the first few minutes of the film. The video was like captured by an amateur videographer. I wonder why they didn't change that. Maybe it was negligible when it was being viewed in a small screen. But hey, it's a theater, damang-dama namin ang pagkanerbyoso ng kumuha. Good thing, it was only for about 3-5 minutes and later on, the video was already stable. Still, my head ached for a time.

3.) It wasn't that funny. I thought I would laugh out loud more than twice. There were only two scenes that I remember myself really laughing. First, when Jose and Paolo's sleep outside a sari-sari store was interrupted. Second, when Ryzza ate wasabe and she cried because it was spicy. Some supposedly funny scenes just gave me a smile.

4.) I wanted more of Ryzza. I'd like to say it again that the main reason I ended up watching the movie because I was fascinated by Ryzza. I was disappointed that she was not exposed enough. I think, inubos ang iba pa niyang exposure ng mga pesteng produkto na yan.  

5.) Silly Plot. I find a plot silly when a billionaire woman (Kris) left her son to her trusted bookkeeper because her son's life is in danger due to her half-sister's (Jaclyn) threat to kill them if Kris wouldn't admit her sister's scam. The bookkeeper (Vic) accepted the request to take care Bimby for the meantime because he will be paid Php20million. What is so silly is that it turned out that the antagonist's assistant is a police detective.  If that's the case, the problem would have been solved early on because that detective should have already gathered enough evidence to prove that the scam wasn't by Kris. 

They could be so proud that their movie is the number 1 blockbuster in this recent MMFF. But how many of us who watched who were satisfied? How many of us who said that it was worth it? I don't know about you, but as for me, I regretted watching it.

As we walked out of the theater, I didn't say a thing. I didn't want my mother hear me complaining about it because I was the one who bugged her to watch it. I just kept my mouth shut. Later, my mother said, "Mas kataw-anan pa siguro ang Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy" (I think Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy is funnier.) In other words, it would have been fun if we watched Vice Ganda's film instead of My Little Bossings. Okay, my bad!

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elisana shazu said...

I couldn't agree with more! I myself wasn't able to watch it but my mom and grandma did. I honestly see no reason why they didn't invest enough on the movie knowing that it's bound to earn anyway.


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