June 17, 2015

Casio Wristwatch

After 10 years, I got myself a new watch. I realized how much I need it. And I finally found time and got money to buy one.
I bought it from Lazada, an online shop. I just have no time to go to a mall because from where I'm living now, I have to travel for about one hour and a half to get to a mall. Yes, my city has yet to have SM or Ayala or Robinsons mall. Anyway, it is a great convenience when buying online. You only have to sit in front of a computer and just click and type and click. Only, I have to wait for a week for me to get hold of what I bought. Lazada teaches you the virtue of patience especially if you are located somewhere in Mindanao. :))

It was in college when I lost my gold-plated watch which I was using for 5 years already. I was ultimately frustrated as I later realized that I will never find it again. My mother gave it to me as a present when I graduated in elementary. I was ultimately delighted as I received it, for I was longing to have one for a long time. Oh well, why am I sharing it again? I already wrote about it here.hehe

I trust a Casio brand. So I guess this will last for years. :))


Anonymous said...

Nahilig na gyud ka magpurchase online ba, hehe. - Rona

jill-yan said...

Hi Ron, layo man gud ang cdo uy.hehehe


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