December 18, 2015


I searched in the Internet the English term of the skin disease I have experienced for several times already. Within the span of one year, I've gone to five "bukols", 2 on my armpit, 1 on my nape, 1 on my eyebrow and 1 on my groin. One thing I observed, that it grows on the hairy parts of my body. I had been to two doctors about this case and I don't know why they can't give me the term. Maybe for them it's trivial and they just go down to giving me the prescribed drugs. Anyway, as I went to the net, I googled the term skin disease. There I found different kinds of skin diseases. But the one that is closest to my condition is folliculitis. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that causes red, swollen bumps that look like pimples.* As I researched more about it, I came across with carbuncle, which is one of the types of folliculitis that best describes my skin problem.
from WebMD website

I don't think I have diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease. But I'm not sure of the other two. :(

I forgot to take note where this site comes from.hehe

I spent two days of my sick leave because of my carbuncle on my groin. I can't believe that 3 of my sick leaves this year are caused by carbuncles. You know, it actually looks so small, as if it hurts a little, but that's not the case, it hurts a lot escpecially when I keep moving. Three more days to go and it's going to be my birthday. My wish would be my health, that I wish I won't be experiencing any illness in the future, be it a carbuncle or colds or cough or anything. It's just hard to enjoy life and work hard when you've got health problems. So you guys who are healthy, you have no right to complain about life because you are so much blessed. A lot of people out there whose only wish is to be healthy, yet you already have it, that's a big thing to be thankful for.

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