April 15, 2017

Mt. Capistrano | A Beginner's Perspective

View from the top of Mt. Capistrano, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
If you are a beginner who landed on this post to find some idea if you can make it at the peak of Mt. Capistrano, I am answering you with a BIG "YES!" So don't doubt anymore and make up your mind to trek that wonderful mountain. I am  a beginner myself, an underweight and has a fear of heights. But I still made it in spite of me.

Together with my sister and my boyfriend, we hiked the said mountain on a Maundy Thursday. Our trip was made easy from Cagayan de Oro City to Malaybalay City because we joined a packaged tour courtesy of Vacation Pro for only Php 650. I know that we can have it cheap if we didn't avail of that packaged tour, but we preferred a hassle-free travel.

According to the itinerary, the hike should start at 6:30am. Due to some delays, we were late by 41 minutes! For me, it would have been better if we started on time.

The first obstacle which I thought was easy as walking around a park, was the climbing of the stairs. According to a blog I read, it has approximately 330 steps. Well, ascending on that number of steps was actually exhausting with this unexercised body of mine. My advice to everyone, don't hurry and reserve your energy.

Our second obstacle was the steep slope without concrete stairs but has a rope. It would be extra hard without that rope. Whoever thought of putting that, I must say that he's a hero. 😇


What I found scary and for me the real obstacle, was the climbing of a steeper slope without a rope! I was totally scared and I was doubting myself if I can make it. What gave me motivation to persevere were the people whom I met coming from the top. I saw old people, fat (no offense here) people, children and people who had no proper trekking attire, but still made it. And I was like, "You can definitely make it Jill!"


I was resting from time to time. If I had the chance to hold on to a sturdy tree, I would give myself a break and lean on it, then gather some courage to climb some more. There was a time that I felt like fainting. I drank some water and ate a chocolate. I guess it was the chocolate that helped me recover.


I admire my sister with this adventure. She surprised me of her bravery and endurance. If you already notice, I wasn't carrying a bag while she did! I spared myself from taking loads so that my energy won't be easily depleted. Yet my younger sister managed to carry one with some of my stuff in there, like my bottle of water and my 330 ml Gatorade.


It was easier to climb on rocks. When you reach this point, you have the right to worry less because it is safer to step on this. It wasn't also an exhausting part. Due to several number of people descending, we had to stop to let them pass. Thus, giving us time to rest. I like those people coming down. Some lent us their hand, pulling us so that we can climb. Others gave us words of motivation like, "You can do it!" and "You're almost there!"


When we were already surrounded by large rocks, I knew that we were so near to the top. Real smiles were showing from my face. Yes, the previous ones were fake because deep inside I was nervous and shaking.

What a great relief when I arrived at the top! I felt so strong and brave! 



Of course, pictorial is a must, always! The disadvantage of too many people is that it's hard for you to take a wonderful shot. Also, if you wanted a spot, it was already occupied.


At the top, we were surprised of the presence of vendors. You can have a cup of noodles at the top of Mt. Capistrano! I asked a girl how much the fish cracker cost. She said P10. If you buy that at our store, it is only P6. Indeed, you can expect that the price is more expensive because of the double hauling cost.hehe Another advice, don't bring too much food because you won't consume it all anyway.


More pictorials after eating snacks and before going down. By the way, it took us 1 hour and 34 minutes to reach the top. Not bad for beginners, right? 😂😂😂


The descent took faster. It was scarier though. I used my two hands while going down, especially on those steeper slopes. Of course, using just your feet is possible. But I wasn't confident that I won't topple, so I imitated Spiderman, my favorite superhero. 😅😅😅

It was a wonderful experience. Even until now, I'm still overjoyed by the fact that I made it and was able to see a breathtaking view. I'm completely sure that this is not my last adventure with trekking. This is actually the beginning. I'm excited for more. 🤗🤗🤗

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onie said...

COngrats on your first trek! Mt. Kitanglad na pud next! :P


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