January 31, 2014

Sad Truth About Some Lawyers

Not all lawyers are after justice. They want to win even though they are on the wrong side. Winning is very important to them more than anything else. They want to show the world that they are so good that together with their clients, they can escape the punishment of the law even with heavy evidence against them. I am maybe wrong but that's how I see them.

I wish I were a lawyer to understand them. I want to understand why they choose to look and say foolish things just to defend their clients. It is as if they were under some spell to be so stupid to figure out that a concrete evidence shows how big liars are the people seeking for their help. They even have the nerve to convince people that they are saying the truth!

I despise criminals, as well as lawyers who know the truth but are still defending the crimes of the inhumane deeds of some people. It is just so sad that these lawyers use their intelligence to protect the bad guys.

January 21, 2014

Typhoon Agaton in Gingoog City

Hi friends, Typhoon Agaton has fallen big amount of rain for the past few days here in our place. Yesterday in the afternoon, we saw that the road in our neighborhood has become like a stream. Water was flowing from an overflowing small lake near our house. 

My sister and I got outside to check how bad it was. This kind of thing rarely happened in our place. And I hope that it will stay to be a rare thing. I have only seen twice that our street was flooded. The first time was in 2009 and the second and hopefully the last would be yesterday. Yes, when Yolanda struck in some parts of my country, Gingoog City was barely affected. But Agaton is more of a treat to us.
Here is my sister wearing boots and holding an umbrella. She was supposed to be in Iligan right now, but it was dangerous to travel when there was a torrential rain. So I'm hoping that there are no classes in all levels in Iligan so that my sister wouldn't be marked absent.

Here is a girl who seemed like enjoying the rain and the flood it brought. Sister wanted us to be drenched by the rain but I opposed by it because it was too cold.

Nothing can stop this vehicle to go to its destination. I think one household was already evacuating.

Look at our neighbors who were smilingly talking over the rain. This shows how generally happy we are as Filipinos. They also checked the condition of the street.

My father also checked it out himself.

The saddest thing about this typhoon isn't about the hassle brought by the flood but the mortality of some individuals. Yes, some lives were lost because of the typhoon due to landslide and drowning. 

As I am writing this post, the rain has already stopped. And the water in our street has already gone. I hope that the typhoon is going farther away from our country. 

January 19, 2014

Cold January

The photo was taken at 12:21pm in our house. Apart from the border, nothing was edited. Inside our house was dark because of the bad weather. Ever since January 1, our city (Gingoog City ) hasn't experienced yet a sunny day. It is always either gloomy or rainy. Although I love rainy days, more than two weeks absence of the largest star makes me long to see it shining. It is just that, this kind of weather paralizes you to do with many stuff. First, you don't want to go outside. Second, it is so cold that you don't want to work anything to do with water like washing.

January 11, 2014

Kpop Saturday #13: SISTAR19's Gone Not Around Any Longer

Date Released: January 2013

Current Views on Youtube: 11.2 million

I really, really love this song. I think, for last year, this was one of the top 5 Kpop songs that I played most. It is just perfect. I love the beat. I love the art of its slowness. And most especially, I praise Hyorin's voice. For me, she has the best vocals among the female singers in Korea. Her voice is one of a kind. I just can't think of someone who has the same voice as hers.

It was my sister who told me to check out their song. I said that I wouldn't because I thought that I may not like it, and besides, they were just a sexy group. My sister convinced me that the song was really good. She suggested to ignore their dance steps and just focused on the song. I eventually tried because it wouldn't hurt me to spend few minutes of my time to listen to it. Also, I got curious of it since my sister was nagging me about it. Good thing, the song was actually good and it is still good after several times of listening to it.

I don't like the sexy dance steps. For me, it is not necessary. Also, I find their seductive steps to have downgraded their song a little bit. That is just me saying, ok? I am aware, though, that this group is catering male adults' viewership so they have to create these moves to appeal to their taste. But in general, I've got praise to this beautiful song. :)

Gone Not Around Any Longer is apparently a sad song. It is about someone being left alone by the one she dearly loves which makes her miserable in every waking moments. Here is some parts of the lyrics of the song (obviously) translated to English:
Why am I foolishly
withering every day?
Like a flower that lost its light,
I have lost you
I can only say that it hurts,
it hurts, it’s sad, by myself
Again tonight, I fall asleep as I cry

source: kromanized

My Little Bossings is Upsetting!!

I watched My Little Bossings just yesterday. The movie is the first MMFF film I ever watched in a theater. I was enticed to see it because of the very cute and smart in spite of her age, Ryzza Mae Dizon. But my gosh, it is really upsetting. I want a refund of my Php130. Although I admit that I like shallow films, the movie isn't even considered shallow, it's dry!! I'd like to enumerate the things that upset me.

1.) It was like watching commercials on tv!! Lucky Me, El Real, Julie's Bakeshop, that-Japanese-Restaurant-that-I-can't-remember-the-name, Ariel, Safeguard, Solmux, Betadine and Kettle Korn. I even haven't mentioned all the products which appeared in the movie. It was annoying. One-three products is tolerable, but what the heck, you're bombarded with several of them. Hello!!!! My goal for watching a movie is to be entertained, not to help me decide what to purchase next! I may forgive them for that too much advertising if they spent lots of millions or billions upon doing the film. Yung kasing mahal nung ginawa ang Titanic na movie. But was it that expensive? If so, hindi halata. :|

2.) Shaky cameraman. My head ached for the first few minutes of the film. The video was like captured by an amateur videographer. I wonder why they didn't change that. Maybe it was negligible when it was being viewed in a small screen. But hey, it's a theater, damang-dama namin ang pagkanerbyoso ng kumuha. Good thing, it was only for about 3-5 minutes and later on, the video was already stable. Still, my head ached for a time.

3.) It wasn't that funny. I thought I would laugh out loud more than twice. There were only two scenes that I remember myself really laughing. First, when Jose and Paolo's sleep outside a sari-sari store was interrupted. Second, when Ryzza ate wasabe and she cried because it was spicy. Some supposedly funny scenes just gave me a smile.

4.) I wanted more of Ryzza. I'd like to say it again that the main reason I ended up watching the movie because I was fascinated by Ryzza. I was disappointed that she was not exposed enough. I think, inubos ang iba pa niyang exposure ng mga pesteng produkto na yan.  

5.) Silly Plot. I find a plot silly when a billionaire woman (Kris) left her son to her trusted bookkeeper because her son's life is in danger due to her half-sister's (Jaclyn) threat to kill them if Kris wouldn't admit her sister's scam. The bookkeeper (Vic) accepted the request to take care Bimby for the meantime because he will be paid Php20million. What is so silly is that it turned out that the antagonist's assistant is a police detective.  If that's the case, the problem would have been solved early on because that detective should have already gathered enough evidence to prove that the scam wasn't by Kris. 

They could be so proud that their movie is the number 1 blockbuster in this recent MMFF. But how many of us who watched who were satisfied? How many of us who said that it was worth it? I don't know about you, but as for me, I regretted watching it.

As we walked out of the theater, I didn't say a thing. I didn't want my mother hear me complaining about it because I was the one who bugged her to watch it. I just kept my mouth shut. Later, my mother said, "Mas kataw-anan pa siguro ang Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy" (I think Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy is funnier.) In other words, it would have been fun if we watched Vice Ganda's film instead of My Little Bossings. Okay, my bad!

January 04, 2014

Kpop Saturday #12: B.A.P.'s Stop It

Hello everyone! Here is a happy and lively song from B.A.P.! Don't be deceived by the negative connotation of the title. It is just a happy song especially when you don't understand the lyrics. I was so much addicted with this music video within the month of my discovery. I played it over and over again and it never failed to brighten up my mood. I have known many songs of this group but this is still my most favorite. 

Date Released: October 2012

Current views on Youtube: 6.2 million

I have found the video weird. I mean, I don't really understand it. It is mixed with fantasy. On the first part, I thought the man was a ghost, a ghost who was stalking the woman he had a love at first sight with. But on the last part of the video, the man seemed like a robot or an alien. He actually had a tail, a tail that the woman pressed so that he would fall asleep. If I have to get the meaning of the video, it is just this: "The woman controls the man. He is a slave or more like a toy. She is amused by the man's affection but I don't think she feels the same way too."

I searched for the English translation of the lyrics. It is a song that's asking the person he loves to stop being mad at him. Yes, it is that simple. You don't need to use your brain cells to get the message.

"Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this
I’m getting annoyed, I’m getting mad – I love you"

Read more: 
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The initials of the group's name means Best, Absolute and Perfect. I know what you're thinking, it's a silly identification. Unfortunately, most of the Kpop groups have those kinds of no-brainer names. But you don't have to judge them with their names because like BAP, they are talented and they provide songs that can make you appreciate music as a whole.

Here are the six members of the group:

January 03, 2014

Korean Series I Watched in 2013

I wasn't able to watch a lot of Korean series last year. It didn't appeal to me especially when I got hooked to Running Man. All I wanted to watch was Running Man and Running Man alone. In the end, I only saw five. I know, that is a very lame number.

Here are the 5 Korean series I watched in chronological order:

If I can’t read all the books published out there, then let me just read the very good ones.

I’ve been hearing a lot of beautiful feedbacks about the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time already. Finally, I was able to purchase a copy at National Bookstore’s branch in Centrio Mall, Cagayan De Oro City for only Php195. Thank you to my mother who bought it for me.hehehe.

Cheers to my year of reading tons of unforgettable novels!

P.S. Please don’t take the word “tons” literally. Thank you.

January 01, 2014

Hello 2014 with a Wink

Happy new year to everyone!!!

For some reason, I have an inclination to share to you some of the things I did as the hours were approaching to January 1, 2014!


Cheers to the growing economy of Gingoog City. Goldilocks has just opened here in December 2013. My mother asked me to buy a cake for the New Year’s Eve celebration. I told her to forget about it because there was a crowd at the store! They were there in the morning and what they saw was a long queue. So they left and bought other stuff instead. My mother insisted and said that we should have a cake, no matter how long I should wait there! Since I was an obedient daughter, as always, I went there. I arrived there around 4pm. The store was closed but there was a queue outside. I just fell in line. I never asked anyone why the store was closed or will it ever open again for the day. I just overheard that they will open at 5pm.Their cakes were sold out and they were expecting a delivery that will arrive at 5pm. I waited there and thought that one hour was just a short time. The time arrived and they opened the doors, but the cakes didn’t arrive yet. I actually thought that the cakes were only made there. Like you know, they have their own bakers. Their products have to be delivered from Iligan City. That’s around 4-5hours, right? My gosh, “No patience, no cake” ang peg!

Complaints were heard and you can’t blame us for that. As for me, they should have prepared lots of stocks. It was not an ordinary day, people were celebrating for the New Year’s Eve and one of the sweets that we love to have on our tables are cakes! The demand was so high but the product was few. It was their loss, though.

After two hours of standing there, I was able to buy a cake. There were only three flavors available. I chose chocolate roll because the other two were flavored ube and orange.

For Php295 you can have a 16-inch chocolate roll! I measured it this morning out of curiosity with a tape measure!haha. It was 16 inches with a probable error of 0.5 inch! It tastes okay, better than a homemade cake.

I also bought butter macaroons for only Php102. It hasn't been opened until now. Bilib ako sa mga tao dito sa bahay, hindi masyadong mahilig kumain! Pramis! We still have until January 10 before it expires. I tasted macaroons before so I know that this is delicious.


I was also asked to buy round fruits which my mother wasn't able to buy earlier. It has been a tradition here in the Philippines to display on the table 12 different kinds of round fruits for New Year. If you do so, prosperity will abide in the family for the entire year. This practice has been done every year in our household. I bought chico, kyat-kyat and guava. Chico was 3 for Php10. Kyat-kyat was Php70 for one small bag and one big guava for Php36.

I got back home and realized that we need one more fruit! Nobody wanted to go to the market anymore so I suggested to put tomato to complete the twelve. Of course, it is a fruit and definitely round! There is no reason that you shouldn't include it.



The last movie that I watched for the 2013 was Thunderstruck! I was so happy when I found out last night that my sister has a copy of this movie. I had been wanting to see it since I learned that my most favorite NBA player had a movie.

The story is shallow. It is no wonder why it's for kids. There is an exchange of talent and the lack thereof between Durant and his fan. The fan, who is a highschool student, suddenly becomes a basketball prodigy. It is definitely a great leap for a water boy who is now the most valuable player in their team. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant plays like an idiot in the NBA. 

I still had a good time while watching the movie in spite of the ordinary plot. My mother was telling me to stop because she wanted to see the countdown on abs-cbn. I didn't budge (there, I was disobedient) and watched the movie until the end. :D

Happy new year once again, friends. Sana magiging awesome ang 2014 nating lahat. Yung tipong mapapanganga tayo pagdating ng Disyembre at masasambit ang mga katagang, "The best ang taong ito!"


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