January 03, 2014

Korean Series I Watched in 2013

I wasn't able to watch a lot of Korean series last year. It didn't appeal to me especially when I got hooked to Running Man. All I wanted to watch was Running Man and Running Man alone. In the end, I only saw five. I know, that is a very lame number.

Here are the 5 Korean series I watched in chronological order:

1.) Shut Up Flower Boy Band. 16 episodes. 2012.

The main reason I watched the drama was because Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE member) was one of the cast. He was not a mere cast because he got a big role, not the main character though. I didn't have a good first impression of this series. I thought this was shallow and bland. But no, I was touched by this drama especially about friendship.

It is hard that in your desire to follow your dream, true friendship is being sacrificed. This is a story about following your dream while keeping the friendship alive.

2.) That Winter, The Wind Blows. 16 episodes. 2013

Somehow my heart survived after watching this drama. (Here I go again, exaggerating stuff.) There were lots of heart-breaking scenes which made your eyes excrete your stored tears. This is heavy but a wonderful heavy drama.

This is about a man who pretended to be the lost brother of a blind orphan but wealthy lady. He needed to deceive in order to pay his great debt from a bad guy. The cost of not paying his due is his life. Things happen according to his plan except for one thing, he falls in love with the girl.

3. I Hear Your Voice. 18 episodes. 2013.

This is my most favorite drama I watched last year. I consider it as one of the best so far. The most impressive about it is their SCRIPT! I found some of the dialogues really witty that I had to screen shot them. I also like the fact that I learn few of Korean laws through this drama. The important thing in any series is their capacity of letting their viewers to highly anticipate the next episode. I Hear Your Voice has that capacity. Although I give this high recognition, it doesn't mean that I don't have negative comments about it. One thing that annoys me is the insertion of amnesia somewhere in the middle part of the story. Amnesia is just so mainstream in a plot. I have learned to be pissed about it.

This is a story of two kids, a young girl and a younger boy, who met in the midst of a hideous crime. Their lives changed after that. The boy has only one goal in life, to protect the girl who is about to receive revenge from a man who killed his father.  

 4.) Flower Boy Next Door. 16 episodes. 2013.

What is so amazing about this drama is that I totally see myself in Park Shin Hye, the main female lead. I am just like her. This is the first time after watching  several Korean series to see someone's character so close as mine.

This is a story of an introvert girl's life being bugged by an extrovert boy who happens to be her neighbor.

5.) The King Two Hearts. 20 episodes. 2012.

I find a series so cool when you learn something from it no matter how unnecessary it might be. This series taught me several things about North Korea and the essence of Communism. In a way, I have appreciated the ways of North Koreans, well, except their hostile manner. I just hope that the series' depiction of South Korea's northern brothers are all true!

This is a story of a member of the South Korea's royal family who falls in love with a North Korean female soldier. Is love enough to sustain the opposition of the people of two countries and the evil interception of a powerful business magnate that could manipulate world leaders? That's for you to find out. :))



So let me rank those five, 1 being the most favorite and 5 to be the least:

1.) I Hear Your Voice
2.) That Winter, The Wind Blows
3.) Shut Up Flower Boy Band
4.) The King 2 Hearts
5.) Flower Boy Next Door

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